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Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, website was launched on February 4, , by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.. The founders initially limited .

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Batteries Plus Lehi Utah L16 Battery Enclosures For Solar Power Batteries Plus Lehi Utah Battery Doctor App For Laptop How Many Batteries Are Recycled Each Year Batteries Plus X2 Sli31agmdpm Reviews Which Car Battery Is The Best For Your Buck With the production of iOS 5, there's been a number of reports of poor iPhone battery .

The reason, the greater the glass frame means more and more protected areas. The large frame also serves to block the light coming from the side.

There is a price, no goods. The price of black glasses is also determined by the quality of the material. A good black eyewear is made of optical glass with little distortion in shape. While glasses that cost cheaper, usually made of plastic. How to tell the difference? This is the importance of trying a black eyeglass before buying.

When trying and glancing right and left, you should see a distortion in its form. If not, that is, the glasses are made of plastic. Dental treatment should be done by everyone without exception. Someone who takes care of his teeth will have clean teeth and easy to chew food.

If you feel that there is a part of your tooth being sick, then you can not leave it for a long time, because you must immediately go to the dentist to get proper treatment. You can visit one of the websites to find out where the dentist is professional. Click Here to go to the website. Many people think that brushing their teeth often will keep their teeth clean and leave no dirt on teeth, but actually to get clean teeth does not depend on how often you brush your teeth, but rather the technique you do when brushing your teeth and the time.

You can tweak your teeth twice a day, ie in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed. This is because the pause between breakfast and lunch long enough to make food in your teeth settle for a long time. Especially when you want to sleep, you have to clean your teeth so that no food remains attached during your sleep.

Most people feel intimidated when it comes to writing. One of the important factors that could make you stuck is the inability to determine what to write. If you can find the interesting topics, the flow of writing will be more stable and most likely you will create good writing. If you wonder how to choose the right Argumentative essay topics , then you can take the time to enjoy your seat and continue reading this article. So, do you have the task to write the Argumentative essay? Well, understanding the assigned essay is the initial step to considering the topic.

Knowing the sort of expected article, the length of the exposition, and to what degree the examination that you require will decide the scope of topics that you will pick.

Aside from that, you may not forget to evaluate the purpose of the task. Well, the purpose of the task will also determine the type of topic. If your instructor or teacher has prepared a list of topics for you, select a topic from the list given. The teacher chooses those topics because they had the appropriate coverage and breadth.

Also, the instructor finds that the topics had produced a good essay in the past. If you feel limited by the list of topics that your instructor has provided, ask if you can write another topic. We recommend that you think about a specific topic when you ask other alternatives. Somehow, you want to ensure that the argumentative essay you will create can produce a good quality so the readers will like the way you try to convey the message. Orthodontic treatment is an attempt to correct the wrong gear position.

Here is what we will talk about invisalign winnipeg. Treatment Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment using a tray Invisalign that is transparent to move the teeth. Trays are customized in each case and are personal. Invisalign treatment is very dependent on the cooperation of patients to always wear his tray. At present every case will be sent to America for Invisalign tray making so the price of this treatment is more expensive than other orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in the treatment of malocclusion which occurs due to an irregularity of the position of the tooth, or because of a disproportionate jaw relationship or both. Orthodontic treatment is also a treatment to control and modify facial growth, performed on children who are still in a growth stage. The orthodontic appliance used is the myo-functional apparatus in which the tools activate with the movement of the jaw to direct growth aimed at avoiding severity in adulthood.

Additionally, child orthodontic treatment is more aimed at preventing the severity of adolescence, either because of the wrong teeth position or the presence of bad habits in children such as thumb sucking, incorrect swallowing patterns, incorrect pronunciation patterns, and so on. With the advanced technology today, it is possible to choose the best treatment, which is more comfortable and painless, yet you can keep on taking advantages of orthodontic benefits whether you choose Invisalign, braces, or another service.

Typically, garage at home is not only used as a place to store the car but also used as an alternative to the entrance to the house. However, garages are often also used as a place to store sports equipment such as bicycles, gardening equipment, and also carpentry tools. And so the items in the garage remain neat and unsightly, some the following tips.

In the meantime, you can also visit Garage Master Blog to find the some of the best toolboxes online. The garage can be an optimal place to store and organize items that are not used every day.

To save space, use a vertical shelf that can be used to store cleaning utensils or perhaps pet food. Add a board taped to the wall to hang equipment such as nails, hammers, and other building tools. You can also build a shelf above the door to store items that are only used at certain times. Store gardening tools such as boots, baskets, flower pots, and containers for watering plants in shelves.

This will make the space in the garage does not look cramped because it is full of goods like this. The open shelf form also makes it easy for you to store items of any size. If you already have a board to hang all the items in the garage, paint some parts of the board to designate as a special area for hanging things.

Add an inverted bucket to store hard-to-hang objects such as gloves or mouth hoses. Not just a basket, you can also use a small bucket that is hung upside down to store watering equipment. Curtains are not only used in bathrooms or to close windows.

The curtain is one of the easiest and inexpensive functional items to cover the items so it does not look messy. Exercise is a thing to be done by everyone. However, many people do not warm up before doing sports. One of the most popular sports is softball.

To do some work, a person is required to have a good bat and dash in order to perform well. To get the stick, you can read the best slowpitch softball bats review before choosing the right bat for you. Before doing softball or other sports, you are required to warm up. Some warm-ups should be done before the sport, like. Walking The main purpose of this moving is to loosen and stretch the body in a gentle way. This will greatly help in the process of preparing your body to perform intense physical movements.

Jogging Another thing you can do is jog in a few minutes. In this way, your heart will be slightly pumped and the body will be ready for undergoing heavy physical activity. Stretching You can start this movement from foot to hand or vice versa. Try to stretch all parts of the body slowly and not in a hurry. Afterwards, do not forget to rotate the waist gently in the direction of the clock and counterclockwise.

Jumping Back Do jumping back at least 25 times before doing any sport. This movement will prepare body by heating the system that is in your body. You can do it by jumping as high as possible and do it with passion. This will make all your muscles work optimally before finally doing various sports activities. Squats This movement will warm your feet and make it ready for exercise. In addition, your feet will be ready for an intense and lasting sport for an extended period of time.

Try to spend your time doing these warm-up activities before finally exercising. Warming will not make you tired but it will make you more excited and make your muscles ready to perform various sports movements. Do you ever feel annoyed when calling someone and made a long wait, or the important message you left behind was not up?

Do not let that happen to someone else who is calling you. Well, if you are a call center for a company, then here is the ethics you should know when receiving a call! Recognize Technology There are many features that you can rely on from the phone. Most importantly, you should understand basic skills, such as transferring calls to another phone, pressing the hold button when the caller has to wait, or switching the phone to fax mode when there are important mails the caller wants to send. Do not let the bad thing happen and you even panicked due to stuttering your technology.

Answer Professionally and Polite When in the office, try to say hello while receiving the phone while not forgetting to mention the agency where you work with a friendly and confident. Who knows callers are your big clients. Stop all your other activities and try to concentrate on receiving the phone. Answer the phone slowly with a clear, unimpressed sound. If you happen to be outdoors, find a quiet place to keep the sounds around not interrupting your phone conversation.

Always prepare notes and pens near the phone, so if there is a message that needs to be delivered you can note it immediately. If you have to receive a call to a co-worker who happens to be out of the box, give the caller the option of whether to leave a message, or try to call again a few hours later. There are different types of investments available in the stock market.

Choose an investment with a risk that suits your tastes and abilities. Among stocks, bonds, and deposits, options are available with different risk ranges. In the meantime, you can go to http: If sorted, investments with risks and returns highest starting from stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and the last deposit. To invest in stocks, strengthen your mental and learn more about the ins and outs of investing in a comprehensive stock to know the risks.

Start investing with capital little by little. It is meant to foster your confidence. Choose guaranteed and well-performing investments over the last five to ten years. You can buy in small quantities. However, do it consistently. If you need help in choosing a good investment, you can further consult your broker. For reference, read more books you can get in bookstores.

You can also surf the internet media, to see more about the investment of the articles that exist. However, you must get the most of your experience. So, what are few important things to know and even to understand before dealing with ayahuasca treatment? When somebody is experiencing ayahuasca treatment, she or he will locate the fantasizing at one phase. What number of individuals have taken such this treatment which could give the general mending advantage?

In the event that you have an enthusiasm for considering treatment with ayahuasca, you should realize that you are distant from everyone else in encountering drinking the invention despite the fact that you will be at the withdraw focus with numerous different members.

Now, one does not have to leave home to get whatever they want, especially income. With the internet, a person can earn money by doing some things. A good internet connection can make that happen.

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This service will also be much needed by people. Potato benefits have long been used as a diet for people who have symptoms of diabetes symptoms. Potatoes include family tubers originating from America and have been cultivated in other countries. You can also easily get potatoes at a nearby supermarket like Walmart. Not only potato, at walmart you also able to fix your can and even now you can easily check the opening hours and cover first in walmart auto service hours.

Apart from that, here are some of the benefits of potatoes for the health of our bodies! Cancer prevention A potato that containing B6 Vitamin will fight against the occurrence of the tumors formed in the body that very triggers cancer, in this case, is a prostate cancer in men and cervical cancer in women.

Consuming potatoes will prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body and has many studies that prove it. Reduce cholesterol levels Benefits of potatoes in reducing cholesterol levels derived from the content of potassium substances are quite a lot in him. As we can see the benefits of bananas, potassium substances help block the buildup of cholesterol in the blood. Low calorie in potato can be your low-cholesterol diet menu, of course without the fried. The rest of the pile of former wooden buildings is also a favorite place of cockroaches nesting.

Damp and dark wooden cracks are a comfortable home for these animals. Immediately remove the wood and the rest of the building materials that have not been used away from home.

Because, when the rainy weather starts to come, the cockroaches will start rushing into the house to keep warm and not exposed to high puddles. Meanwhile, you can also contact London pest control , if you wish to hire a professional pest control to eradicate the cockroaches from your house.

In addition, a pile of kitchen waste left unchecked for days is also a favorite place for cockroaches. Therefore, do not let the mounting garbage has just been issued. Every day the mop broom so that the leftovers do not invite the cockroach to come into the house. Cockroaches also love the former soot and oil. Pay more attention to the cleanliness of your stove to avoid cockroaches. Once you find a cockroach nest, immediately give a cockroach drug that you bought at the store.

There are many types and choose safe ones for you and your family. You can also make your own insecticide to eradicate cockroaches. A few days before moving, pack a bag or a box for each family member containing a bar of soap, toothpaste and a new toothbrush, a towel and a towel, a disposable razor if necessary, some loose clothing and two sets of clothes, -other things the family members will need for a few days after moving when things are still in the box. In this way, all their needs can be reached easily.

Bring the box or bag in the car or other means of transportation. Collect old clothes that you can use for booster. Instead of buying bubble or bubble wrap, use old clothes for a wedge. In this way, you not only save money, but also pack the items you need to keep packing. For items such as glasses, wrap them with socks. Socks are the perfect wrapping for similar items of glass. If the item can fit in a sock, it is safe. For your security to be more secure, you can trust it to movers bellevue.

Making home décor more comfortable and warm is the goal why many people use their home alma rugs. However, the most important thing about a carpet is the cleanliness of the carpet. A clean carpet will make the home feel more comfortable. You can clean your carpet at http: You definitely want to get a clean carpet, right?

There are many types of carpets that you can choose for your home, but it must always be adapted to the room you have. Several types of this carpet you can adjust to the room in your house. Carpet Type Bordered This carpet is a much sought-after carpet.

Having a characteristic boundary on the edge makes this carpet a choice of many people. You can use this carpet on the wooden floor to make a warm impression. Carpet Type Orientals This is the most expensive type of carpet but many people are looking for it. These rugs are usually used in classical and luxurious rooms.

As said, a car goes to break down, accident, flat tires, and other issues are possible to face. Simply talk, you must know how important getting towing service, especially for emergency needs. Choosing the best towing service means you must know a lot of things related. Picking the wrong tow truck benefit frequently prompts grievances because of high cost, foolhardy treatment of the vehicle by the administrator, truck administrator arrive late and even amateurish administration conveyance.

Accordingly, it is vital for you to pick your favored tow truck benefit with a specific end goal to reduce these bothers. Trusting and picking one for this administration will help you in the event of any awful circumstance emerges. Believe it or not, you will wonder to understand what the towing provider stands for. Can you get the low price from them? Do they strive to have good quality trucks in the area? Make sure they could provide everything you want since ensuring your vehicle in good condition while towing process is important to you, right?

Avoid those companies that seem to give a lot of promises in the beginning. This can turn to be the trap or disappointment. Try to know who truly offers the best towing service in Lawton. Yes, you must take time to establish this, yet it is not such a big matter. Doing the research early or in advance even before you think that you will need towing service. The game of soccer consists of eleven players who have their respective roles on the pitch.

The eleven players have to work together to create a beautiful game and of course in order to achieve victory. Each player has a duty, such as one of them is the position of the goalkeeper who plays a role to keep the goal so as not to be broken by the opposing team.

The goalkeeper position is the most important element on the defense side. If the opposing player is able to kick the ball towards the goal, of course, the most crucial position should hold the ball to avoid conceding and certainly helps in improving the mentality of the teammates.

Because it can not be denied that the goalkeeper is able to improve the quality of the game if it appears heroic under the rule by thwarting a number of opponent golden opportunities.

No wonder that some coaches entrust the captainship of the team with the goalkeeper. To be a great goalkeeper, of course, already have to master some basic techniques.

Here are some basic techniques that must be mastered by the goalkeeper:. Of course, the first technique is there is no fear of hard kicks from opposing players.

Because it must be admitted, the opposing players will try to make a hard shot towards the goal. Thus, the first technique is the courage to block the ball, although it comes quickly.

After daring to dispel a hard shot, the next technique that must be mastered by the goalkeeper is determination, namely quick decision-making. The game of soccer is synonymous with fast and with high intensity. So, the decision must be taken as soon as possible. A determination is required by the goalkeeper to decide a number of unforeseen circumstances when the game has started.

Two techniques have been mastered, the next technique is also very important is the goalkeeper must have a sharp vision. With good eyesight, the goalkeeper can read the direction of the ball, the movements of the players and give the bait. By placing the right position, it will narrow the angle of the shot, making it difficult for the opponent. The most important technique for the goalkeeper is to have a quick reflex.

Has a speed in reacting to the ball that can not be predicted before. Forex investment lovers may be very aware of this info but for the laity will, forex investment would be wondering what the heck is it?

Trading Forex is a currency trading from various countries. Forex has an extension that is foreign exchange or if we mean the Indonesian language is the exchange of currency. If you master the forex trading market then you are an influential person in the world. Forex was only can be played by big banks only, but now it can be done by anyone even your own. Talk about the big banks. Bank of Germany is able to master the transaction of You can visit it at www.

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In addition, the internet satelit also has several other positive impacts such as: Location survey Conducting a survey of several locations rental services can help you in determining the luxury car rental in the big cities. Brand car There are a variety of luxury car brands that are usually provided by the car rental. Find the ideal car You must be able to determine your preferred car so you do not feel sorry for renting.

Use Lubricants Give enough stimulation to the partner and use lubricant if necessary, so that the condition of Miss V couple wet enough, so friction during intercourse that can cause torn condoms can be reduced. Detach Condom Properly When finished having sex and ejaculation has occurred, immediately remove the penis before the erection is lost.

Wear a New Condom If you want to have sex again afterward, wash your hands and put on a new condom. How to Save a Condom How to store condoms should also be considered so that condoms are not easily damaged. Some of these things are 1. Vinyl as Floor Vinyl chloride material itself was discovered in Unity Unity is a design component that can change the image of a brand.

Space Whitespace or negative space is the space between the design elements. Some of these ways are 1. You can test by: When you see the signs of a scam There is no harm in first studying the origin of land ownership to be purchased, the authenticity of land certificates and who will sell the land.

Purchase Through Broker You should take care of the land purchase process from the beginning, do not involve brokers in land purchase transactions. Land and Building Tax Arrears In addition to checking the completeness of the land certificate, you should also check whether the Land and Building Taxes to be purchased are always paid by the owner each year. The store was to be available on iPhones , Android devices, and mobile web users.

On May 22, , the Yahoo! A "circuit breaker" trading curb was used in an attempt to slow down the stock price's decline. Facebook's IPO was consequently investigated, and was compared to a " pump and dump " scheme. On January 15, , Facebook announced Facebook Graph Search , which provides users with a "precise answer", rather than a link to an answer by leveraging the data present on its site.

On April 15, , Facebook announced an alliance across 19 states with the National Association of Attorneys General, to provide teenagers and parents with information on tools to manage social networking profiles.

The letter F moved closer to the edge of the box. Following a campaign by advocacy groups, Facebook agreed to update its policy on hate speech. The campaign highlighted content promoting domestic and sexual violence against women, and used over 57, tweets and more than 4, emails that caused withdrawal of advertising from the site by 15 companies, including Nissan UK, House of Burlesque and Nationwide UK. The social media website initially responded by stating that "while it may be vulgar and offensive, distasteful content on its own does not violate our policies".

On June 12, , Facebook announced on its newsroom that it was introducing clickable hashtags to help users follow trending discussions, or search what others are talking about on a topic. Facebook was blocked by the Chinese government in The company celebrated its 10th anniversary during the week of February 3, Alongside other American technology figures like Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook , Zuckerberg hosted visiting Chinese politician Lu Wei, known as the "Internet czar" for his influence in the enforcement of China's online policy, at Facebook's headquarters on December 8, As of January 21, , Facebook's algorithm is programmed to filter out false or misleading content, such as fake news stories and hoaxes, and will be supported by users who select the option to flag a story as "purposefully fake or deceitful news".

According to Reuters, such content is "being spread like a wildfire" on the social media platform. Facebook maintained that "satirical" content, "intended to be humorous, or content that is clearly labeled as satire", will be taken into account and should not be intercepted.

On April 12, , Zuckerberg revealed a decade-long plan for Facebook in a keynote address. His speech outlined his vision, which rested on three main pillars: In October , Facebook announced a fee-based communications tool called Workplace that aims to "connect everyone" while at work. Users can create profiles, see updates from co-workers on their news feed, stream live video and participate in secure group chats.

In a virtual and shared space, users can access a curated selection of degree photos and videos using their avatar, with the support of the controller. Users can also access their own photos and videos, and any media shared on their Facebook newsfeed.

All its shares are held by Facebook Hong Kong branch. On July 27, , Facebook suspended the official page of pundit and political commentator Alex Jones for 30 days. The website claims that Jones participated in hate speech against Robert Mueller. On July 31, , Facebook revealed that the company had deleted 17 accounts related to American elections for national, state and local political elections.

The company released a statement relating the attempts to previous security breaches saying "It's clear that whoever set up these accounts went to much greater lengths to obscure their true identities than the Russian-based Internet Research Agency IRA has in the past.

On September 19, , Facebook announced that, for news distribution outside the United States, it would work with the U. On September 28, , it was announced that Facebook had a data breach which affected 50 million users. The data breach started July of , but wasn't discovered until September 16, In October a Texas woman sued Facebook, claiming she had been recruited into the sex trade at the age of 15 by a man who "friended" her on the social media network. Facebook responded that it works both internally and externally to ban sex traffickers.

Most of Facebook's revenue comes from advertising. The cause of Facebook's low CTR has been attributed to younger users enabling ad blocking software and their adeptness at ignoring advertising messages, as well as the site's primary purpose being social communication rather than content viewing.

A big part of Facebook's pitch is that it has so much information about its users that it can more effectively target ads to those who will be responsive to the content. If Facebook can prove that theory to be true, then it may not worry so much about losing its cool cachet. A portion of Facebook revenue comes from the "firehose" access, bulk access to the social media data sold to the third parties.

On pages for brands and products, however, some companies have reported CTR as high as 6. The company released its own set of revenue data at the end of January and claimed: During the same time, independent market research firm eMarketer released data in which Facebook accounted for 5. Mobile advertising revenue accounted for around 62 per cent of advertising revenue, an increase of approximately 41 per cent over the comparable quarter of the previous year.

In December , the company announced that it would no longer route all of its revenues through its Ireland headquarters, but rather record revenue locally in each of the countries where it is generated. In February , Facebook announced that it had reached two million active advertisers with most of the gain coming from small businesses.

An active advertiser is an advertiser that has advertised on the Facebook platform in the last 28 days. On November 15, , Facebook announced it had acquired the domain name fb. In November Facebook acquired CrowdTangle, a social analytics company that tracks how content spreads online. CrowdTangle confirmed the acquisition in a message on their website, but the company has not disclosed the financial terms of the deal. In early , Facebook announced plans to move to its new headquarters, the former Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park.

Facebook, which in had more than million active users globally including over 23 million in India, announced that its Hyderabad center would house online advertising and developer support teams and provide round-the-clock, multilingual support to the social networking site's users and advertisers globally. Though Facebook did not specify its India investment or hiring figures, it said recruitment had already begun for a director of operations and other key positions at Hyderabad, [] which would supplement its operations in California , Dublin in Ireland as well as at Austin , Texas.

Facebook has roughly 9 million users in Russia, while domestic analogue VK has around 34 million. The establishment of a woodworking facility on the Menlo Park campus was announced at the end of August The facility, opened in June , provides equipment, safety courses and a woodworking learning course.

Employees are required to purchase materials at the in-house store. A Facebook spokesperson explained that the intention of setting up the facility is to encourage employees to think in an innovative manner because of the different environment; it also serves as an attractive perk for prospective employees.

New headquarters will be in Fitzrovia in central London at a site that is currently undergoing redevelopment. Facebook's London-based executive, Nicola Mendelsohn said "The UK remains one of the best places to be a tech company". Facebook will occupy the top three floors of Binney St in Kendall Square and share the building with the pharmaceutical employees from Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The offices will be home to Facebook's "Connectivity Lab", a group focused on bringing Internet access and technology to 4 billion people who do not have access to the Internet. Entrance to Facebook headquarters complex in Menlo Park, California. Like Apple, Google and Microsoft and other US technology multinationals , Facebook has an office in Ireland Facebook Ireland , with circa 2, employees, [] through which it manages 1. Under pressure from the EU, [] the Irish Government closed the double Irish to new schemes in , however, existing users, like Facebook, have until to find alternatives.

However Microsoft has opted for a variation of the double Irish called the single malt , which relies on specific wording in the Ireland-Malta tax treaty. To create a double Irish tax structure, a large quantum of intellectual property or "IP" must be owned in a low-tax location, which the double Irish will then charge out to all non-US locations as a royalty payment to relocate profits to the low-tax location.

In contrast, Facebook Inc. The closeness of the net effective tax costs of having Facebook Ireland, in Ireland, or relocated back to the US, was shown when Reuters revealed that Facebook Ireland is going to move 1. Facebook said that this move "did not carry tax implications", a statement which was mistakenly interpreted as implying that processing would stay in Ireland. The website's primary color is blue as Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind , a realization that occurred after a test undertaken around ; he explained in Facebook is developed as one monolithic application.

According to an interview in with Chuck Rossi, a build engineer at Facebook, Facebook compiles into a 1. Rossi stated that it takes about 15 minutes to build and 15 minutes to release to the servers. The build and release process has zero downtime and new changes to Facebook are rolled out daily.

Facebook uses a combination platform based on HBase to store data across distributed machines. Using a tailing architecture, new events are stored in log files, and the logs are tailed. The system rolls these events up and writes them into storage. The user interface then pulls the data out and displays it to users. Facebook handles requests as AJAX behavior. These requests are written to a log file using Scribe developed by Facebook. Data is read from these log files using Ptail, an internally built tool to aggregate data from multiple Scribe stores.

It tails the log files and pulls data out thus the name. Data is processed in batches to lessen the number of times needed to read and write under high demand periods A hot article will generate a lot of impressions and news feed impressions which will cause huge data skews.

Batches are taken every 1. Caching solutions are used to make the web pages display more quickly. The more and longer data is cached the less realtime it is. The data is then sent to MapReduce servers so it can be queried via Hive.

This also serves as a backup plan as the data can be recovered from Hive. Raw logs are removed after a period of time. On March 20, , Facebook announced a new open-source programming language called Hack. Before public release, a large portion of Facebook was already running and "battle tested" using the new language. Facebook uses the Momentum platform from Message Systems to deliver the enormous volume of emails it sends to its users every day.

On July 20, , Facebook introduced "Facebook Beta", a significant redesign of its user interface on selected networks. The Mini-Feed and Wall were consolidated, profiles were separated into tabbed sections, and an effort was made to create a cleaner look. Each registered user on Facebook gets their own personal profile that shows their posts and content. In February , Facebook expanded the options for a user's gender setting, adding a custom input field that allows users to choose from a wide range of gender identities.

Users can also set which set of gender-specific pronoun should be used in reference to them throughout the site. If a user does not provide key information, such as location, hometown, or relationship status, other users can use a new "ask" button to send a message asking about that item to the user in a single click. On September 6, , News Feed was announced, which appears on every user's homepage and highlights information including profile changes, upcoming events, and birthdays of the user's friends.

Since then, users have been able to control what types of information are shared automatically with friends. Users are now able to prevent user-set categories of friends from seeing updates about certain types of activities, including profile changes, Wall posts, and newly added friends.

On February 23, , Facebook was granted a patent [] on certain aspects of its News Feed. The patent covers News Feeds in which links are provided so that one user can participate in the same activity of another user. Privacy settings can be set for individual albums, limiting the groups of users that can see an album.

For example, the privacy of an album can be set so that only the user's friends can see the album, while the privacy of another album can be set so that all Facebook users can see it.

Another feature of the Photos application is the ability to " tag ", or label, users in a photo. For instance, if a photo contains a user's friend, then the user can tag the friend in the photo. This sends a notification to the friend that she has been tagged, and provides a link to see the photo. It will help the users in finding games and other applications with ease. On May 13, , Facebook in association with major news portals launched a program "Instant Articles" to provide rich news experience.

Instant articles provides users, access to articles on Facebook news feed without leaving the site. For example, articles about Black Lives Matter would be listed even if they did not meet the trending criteria of News Feed. Likewise, positive news about conservative political figures were regularly excised from Facebook pages. The feature, following the format of Snapchat and Instagram stories, allows users to upload photos and videos that appear above friends' and followers' News Feeds and disappear after 24 hours.

The change was intended to maximize the "meaningful interactions" that people have with content on Facebook. The "like" button, stylized as a "thumbs up" icon, was first enabled on February 9, , [] and enables users to easily interact with status updates, comments, photos and videos, links shared by friends, and advertisements.

Once clicked by a user, the designated content appears in the News Feeds of that user's friends, [] [] and the button also displays the number of other users who have liked the content, including a full or partial list of those users. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service and software application. Originally developed as Facebook Chat in , [] the company revamped its messaging service in , [] and subsequently released standalone iOS and Android apps in August Facebook Messenger lets Facebook users send messages to each other.

Complementing regular conversations, Messenger lets users make voice calls [] and video calls [] both in one-to-one interactions [] and in group conversations. In March , Facebook announced that it would start letting businesses and users interact through Messenger with features such as tracking purchases and receiving notifications, and interacting with customer service representatives. It also announced that third-party developers could integrate their apps into Messenger, letting users enter an app while inside Messenger and optionally share details from the app into a chat.

On September 14, , Facebook added the ability for users to provide a "Subscribe" button on their page, which allows users to subscribe to public postings by the user without needing to add him or her as a friend.

The media often compares Facebook to Myspace , but one significant difference between the two Web sites is the level of customization. They include the Wall , a space on every user's profile page that allows friends to post messages for the user to see; [] Pokes , which allows users to send a virtual "poke" to each other a notification then tells a user that he or she has been poked ; [] Photos , that allows users to upload albums and photos; [] and Status , which allows users to inform their friends of their whereabouts and actions.

Depending on privacy settings, anyone who can see a user's profile can also view that user's Wall. In July , Facebook began allowing users to post attachments to the Wall, whereas the Wall was previously limited to textual content only. Facebook uses advertising in the form of banner ads, referral marketing, and games.

Myspace, on the other hand, uses Google and AdSense. MySpace, initially, was much more popular with high school students, while Facebook was more popular among college students. A study by the American firm Nielsen Claritas showed that Facebook users are more inclined to use other professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn , than Myspace users. Facebook enables users to choose their own privacy settings and choose who can see specific parts of their profile.

Users can control who sees other information they have shared, as well as who can find them in searches, through their privacy settings. Its purpose was to allow targeted advertisements and allowing users to share their activities with their friends. In , Facebook's security team began expanding its efforts to reduce the risks to users' privacy, [] but privacy concerns remain.

On November 29, , Facebook settled Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers by failing to keep privacy promises. In April , in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal , and refuting a report to the contrary by Reuters , Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would implement additional privacy "controls and settings" worldwide. In the aftermath of the breach, Facebook withdrew its opposition to the California Consumer Privacy Act.

According to the Committee Facebook "simply formally dropped their participation in the 'no' campaign. Facebook's Whitehat page for security researchers says: Facebook started paying researchers who find and report security bugs by issuing them custom branded "White Hat" debit cards that can be reloaded with funds each time the researchers discover new flaws.

They can show up at a conference and show this card and say 'I did special work for Facebook. India, which has the second largest number of bug hunters in the world, [] tops the Facebook Bug Bounty Program with the largest number of valid bugs. Stan Schroeder of Mashable questioned how the measurement of "active" was made, though acknowledging that "it probably means that users who've just created an account which sits idle for a long period of time aren't included".

Mark Zuckerberg announced to the media at the start of October that Facebook had passed the monthly active users mark of one billion. Early in , it was reported that teenagers preferred competing web sites such as Instagram and Snapchat. The estimated number of teens leaving Facebook was a million per year.

In November , after skepticism about the accuracy of its "monthly active users" measurement, Facebook changed its definition of an "active user", now defining it as a logged-in member who visits the Facebook site through the web browser or mobile app, or uses the Facebook Messenger app, in the last 30 days of the date of measurement. This excludes the use of third-party services with Facebook integration, which was previously counted. Active users of Facebook increased from just a million in to over million in Population pyramid of Facebook users by age as of January 1, [].

According to analytics firm comScore , Facebook is the leading social networking site based on monthly unique visitors, having overtaken main competitor MySpace in April Facebook is the most popular social networking site in several English-speaking countries , including Canada, [] the United Kingdom, [] and the United States.

The reasons why Facebook scored so poorly include privacy problems, frequent changes to the website's interface, the results returned by the News Feed, and spam. In December , the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory ruled that Facebook is a valid protocol to serve court notices to defendants. It is believed to be the world's first legal judgement that defines a summons posted on Facebook as legally binding.

By , the use of Facebook had already become so ubiquitous that the generic verb "facebooking" had come into use to describe the process of browsing others' profiles or updating one's own. Facebook's market dominance has led to international media coverage and significant reporting of its shortcomings. Notable issues include Internet privacy , such as its widespread use of a "like" button on third-party websites tracking users , [] [] possible indefinite records of user information, [] automatic facial recognition software, [] [] and its role in the workplace, including employer-employee account disclosure.

The World's Biggest Waste of Time? The use of Facebook can have psychological effects, including feelings of jealousy [] [] and stress, [] [] a lack of attention, [] and social media addiction, in some cases comparable to drug addiction.

In an interview with The New Yorker , antitrust regulator Margrethe Vestager stated that Facebook's terms of use that concern private data were "unbalanced".

She noted that users accept terms they would never accept in a more traditional environment, such as "if a brick-and-mortar business asked to copy all your photographs for its unlimited, unspecified uses". Facebook's company tactics have also received prominent coverage, including electricity usage, [] tax avoidance, [] real-name user requirement policies, [] censorship, [] [] and its involvement in the United States PRISM surveillance program.

Due to allowing users to publish material by themselves, Facebook has come under scrutiny for the amount of freedom it gives users, including copyright and intellectual property infringement, [] hate speech , [] [] incitement of rape [] and terrorism, [] [] fake news , [] [] [] and crimes, murders and violent incidents live-streamed through its Facebook Live functionality.

Facebook worked on special censorship software so it could potentially accommodate censorship demands in Communist -controlled China. The company has also been subject to multiple litigation cases over the years, [] [] [] [] with its most prominent case concerning allegations that CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke an oral contract with Cameron Winklevoss , Tyler Winklevoss , and Divya Narendra to build the then-named "HarvardConnection" social network in , instead allegedly opting to steal the idea and code to launch Facebook months before HarvardConnection began.

On November 5, , the Paradise Papers , a set of confidential electronic documents relating to offshore investment , revealed that Russian state organizations with ties to Vladimir Putin pursued between and large investments in Facebook and Twitter via an intermediary—Russian-American entrepreneur Yuri Milner , who befriended Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg [] and invested in the company co-founded by Jared Kushner , President Donald Trump 's son-in-law.

On March 6, , BlackBerry sued Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp subdivision for ripping off key features of its messaging app. On June 7, , chief privacy officer Erin Egan noted that a software bug had resulted in about 14 million Facebook users having their default sharing setting for all new posts set to "public". Facebook issued a notification to users which were exposed to this issue. A Facebook spokesperson said the notification is the start of new proactive and transparent way for the company to handle issues going forward.

This includes data that Facebook collects on non-users that may be collected by the Facebook analytics Pixel or location data from a mobile phone.

In March , whistleblowers revealed that personal information from over 87 million Facebook users was sold to Cambridge Analytica , a political data analysis firm that had worked for Donald Trump 's presidential campaign.

The data was collected using an app created by Global Science Research. However, with increasing scrutiny, Facebook issued a statement expressing alarm and suspended Cambridge Analytica, while review of documents and interviews with former Facebook employees suggested that Cambridge Analytica was still in possession of the data. According to The Guardian reporter Carole Cadwalladr who broke the story, both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica threatened to sue the newspaper if it published the story and continually tried to prevent its publication.

After the story was published anyway, Facebook claimed that it had been "lied to". Cadwalladr said that Facebook was trying to shift the blame onto a third party. Nick Thompson of Wired and CBS News pointed out that Cambridge Analytica obtained all the personal data without having to "breach" Facebook, and that "It didn't work because somebody hacked in and broke stuff, it worked because Facebook has built the craziest most invasive advertising model in the history of the world and someone took advantage of it.

You may have heard about a quiz app built by a university researcher that leaked Facebook data of millions of people in This was a breach of trust, and I'm sorry we didn't do more at the time. We're now taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. We've already stopped apps like this from getting so much information.

Now we're limiting the data apps get when you sign in using Facebook. We're also investigating every single app that had access to large amounts of data before we fixed this. We expect there are others. And when we find them, we will ban them and tell everyone affected. Finally, we'll remind you which apps you've give access to your information — so you can shut off the ones you don't want anymore. On March 26, the Federal Trade Commission opened an investigation into Facebook regarding the use of its data by Cambridge Analytica, causing stocks to temporarily drop by more than 5 percent.

In Android platform, It was reported that Facebook app has been gathering Android users data for years. Unlike Android, Apple limited the privilege of the apps who try to gather personal information from the iOS devices.

In May , several Android users in California filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook for invading their privacy by unauthorized access in storing personal contact data especially call and text message history without users' consent. In early March , The Observer reported that a "political consultancy" known as Cambridge Analytica had been provided access to the personal data of about 50 million Americans by Facebook.

However, another article was published on April 4 by Wired that reports a statement made by Facebook regarding the number of people affected. When users downloaded this app — called "thisisyourdigitallife" — information regarding the users' preferred Facebook content as well as their "home town" could then be accessed by the app.

This was than used to acquire similar information of the user's contacts and continued to affect approximately 50 million people in total. This backlash has also taken the form of demands for legal accountability, including the opening of an investigation into the company by the U. According to a study done by Jeffery Child and Shawn Starcher in , Facebook is a social media platform where "both known and unknown audiences can gain access to posted context, increasing the possibility for privacy breakdowns".

Past apologies of Facebook started in , when Facebook first launched their site worldwide. In the hopes of making it easier for users to share or keep their information private, the company ended up modifying the entire site and publicizing a subsequent apology for the situation.

The media platform has also been accessed by individuals in addition to corporate entities for varying purposes. The site has been used to determine the eligibility for students to be employed or charged with a form of retribution in some cases, based on what they share or post. In response to criticism and outrage, different media outlets were used by the company to issue a public apology. On March 25, , U. In May , Zuckerberg issued a public apology over discrepancies in the privacy settings in The Washington Post via an Op-Ed article.

In an effort to earn back public trust, Facebook ended its partnerships with several data brokers who aid advertisers in targeting people on the social network. Facebook has come under criticism for giving a platform to conspiracy theorists and those who engage in incendiary fringe discourse. Most prominently, Facebook was criticized for allowing InfoWars , a far-right website notorious for pushing falsehoods and conspiracy theories. In comparison, the reputable conservative outlet National Review only got 2.

However, CNN later found that InfoWars videos pushing the false claims were left up, even though Facebook had been contacted about the videos.

In April , Facebook launched a new portal for marketers and creative agencies to help them develop brand promotions on Facebook. Through empirical findings, economists have been able to identify key areas where Facebook has been able to stimulate economic activity by offering a free public good in that one user will not reduce the amount available to another, while also generating positive externalities.

Thus, mobile phone manufactures and carriers have been beneficiaries of Facebook's spillover effect. Three distinct areas have been found to add the most economic impact: Facebook began to reduce its carbon impact after being publicly criticised by Greenpeace for its long-term reliance on coal power and consequently high carbon footprint. Facebook provides a development platform for many social gaming , communication, feedback, review, and other applications related to online activities.

This open platform of Facebook has spawned many new businesses and added thousands of jobs to the economy. An econometric analysis studied the impact of Facebook on the economy in terms of the number of jobs created and the economic value of those jobs.

The conservative estimate was that the app development platform of Facebook added more than , jobs in the U. Facebook has affected the social life and activity of people in various ways.

Facebook allows people using computers or mobile phones to continuously stay in touch with friends, relatives and other acquaintances wherever they are in the world, as long as there is access to the Internet. It has reunited lost family members and friends. Facebook's social impact has also changed how people communicate.

Rather than having to reply to others through email, Facebook allows users to broadcast or share content to others, and thereby to engage others or be engaged with others' posts.

Facebook has been successful and more socially impactful than many other social media sites. David Kirkpatrick, technology journalist and author of The Facebook Effect , believes that Facebook is structured in a way that is not easily replaceable. He challenges users to consider how difficult it would be to move all the relationships and photos to an alternative.

Facebook has let people participate in an atmosphere with the "over the backyard fence quality" of a small town, despite the move to larger cities. Facebook, and social media in general, has received significant media coverage for negative emotional health impacts.

Other prevalent causes of envy include posts by friends about family happiness and images of physical beauty—such envious feelings leave people lonely and dissatisfied with their own lives. A joint study by two German universities discovered that one out of three people were more dissatisfied with their lives after visiting Facebook, [] [] and another study by Utah Valley University found that college students felt worse about their own lives following an increase in the amount of time spent on Facebook.

Rosen, he notes that teenagers using Facebook exhibit more narcissistic tendencies, while young adults show signs of antisocial behavior, mania , and aggressiveness. However, he also found positive effects from Facebook use, including signs of "virtual empathy" towards online friends and helping introverted persons learn social skills.

In a blog post in December , the company pointed to research that has shown "passively consuming" the News Feed , as in reading but not interacting, does indeed leave users with negative feelings afterwards, whereas interacting with messages points to improvements in well-being. We want the time people spend on Facebook to encourage meaningful social interactions".

During the Arab Spring many journalists made claims that Facebook played a major role in generating the Egyptian revolution. According to Mashable , [ unreliable source? After 18 days, the uprising forced President Mubarak to resign.

In Bahrain uprising which started on February 14, , Facebook was utilized by the Bahraini regime as well as regime loyalists to identify, capture and prosecute citizens involved in the protests.

A year-old woman named Ayat Al Qurmezi was identified as a protester using Facebook, taken from her home by masked commandos and put in prison.

The Facebook page's name "The Lions of Rojava" comes from a Kurdish saying which translates as "A lion is a lion, whether it's a female or a male", reflecting the organization's feminist ideology. Facebook's role in the American political process was demonstrated in January , shortly before the New Hampshire primary , when Facebook teamed up with ABC and Saint Anselm College to allow users to give live feedback about the "back to back" January 5 Republican and Democratic debates.

Over a million people installed the Facebook application "US Politics on Facebook" in order to take part, and the application measured users' responses to specific comments made by the debating candidates.

Facebook as a popular and powerful new way to interact and voice opinions. A poll by CBS News , UWIRE and The Chronicle of Higher Education claimed to illustrate how the "Facebook effect" has affected youth voting rates, support by youth of political candidates, and general involvement by the youth population in the election. The new social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, made use first of the personal computer and the Internet, and after of the smart phones to connect hundreds of millions of people, especially those under age By , politicians and interest groups were experimenting with systematic use of social media to spread their message among much larger audiences than they had previously reached.

Facebook is having an impact on local government as well. Justin Smith , a Colorado sheriff uses Facebook to disseminate his ideas on matters relating to local, state, and national concerns.

He also publicizes crimes, particularly those that his department solves. He has seven thousand followers on the social medium, considered a large number. Smith said that he rarely goes out in public "when I don't get feedback from folks. Facebook is an interesting tool because I think it holds candidates and elected officials more accountable. Voters know where someone stands. According to the Investor's Business Daily , "In , the Obama campaign encouraged supporters to download an Obama Facebook app that, when activated, let the campaign collect Facebook data both on users and their friends.

As American political strategists turn their attention to the presidential contest, they identify Facebook as an increasingly important advertising tool. Recent technical innovations have made possible more advanced divisions and subdivisions of the electorate.

Most important, Facebook can now deliver video ads to small, highly targeted subsets. Television, by contrast, shows the same commercials to all viewers, and so cannot be precisely tailored. As of mid-September Facebook still does not know the extent of Russia's advertisement purchases during the election — or whether these unidentified ad buys are still on the site. A Facebook spokesman told CNN that there was "no sales support".

A company representative would not elaborate when asked by Business Insider if it plans to change its ad sales policy. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook shared copies of ads and account information related to the Russian ad purchases on its platform with Robert Mueller that go beyond what it shared with Congress last week. Congressional Committees have said Facebook is withholding key information that could illuminate the shape and extent of a Russian propaganda campaign aimed at tilting the U.

The Russians took advantage of Facebook's ability to simultaneously send contrary messages to different groups of users based on their political and demographic characteristics and also sought to sow discord among religious groups. Other ads highlighted support for Democrat Hillary Clinton among Muslim women.

The ads suggest that Russian operatives worked off of evolving lists of racial, religious, political and economic themes. They used these to create pages, write posts and craft ads that would appear in users' news feeds—with the apparent goal of appealing to one audience and alienating another. On March 17, , The New York Times and The Observer of London reported the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach in which Cambridge Analytica collected personal information from Facebook users as a basis of crafting political campaigns for whomever purchased their services.

As a result, Facebook banned Cambridge Analytica from advertising on its platform. In many countries the social networking sites and mobile apps have been blocked temporarily or permanently, including China , [] Iran , [] Syria , [] and North Korea. In May , the government of Papua New Guinea announced that it would ban Facebook for a month while it considered the impact of the website on the country.

On May 1, , Facebook announced its plans to launch a new dating service. According to Mark Zuckerberg: In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal, the service is being developed with privacy features, and friends will be unable to view one's dating profile. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Facebook, Inc. This article is about the social networking service. For the type of directory, see Face book. Global online social networking service.

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