Monthly kasi, e may remittance ako from US, at sinusunod din ng WU kung ano ang US-Peso Forex. Nagtanong na ko sa may Czarina malapit sa amin. Ang sabi nila, meron silang WU but di daw sila online, Fax lang daw, maghihintay daw ako ng at least 1 hour. Is this okay or reliable? Mataas kasi palitan nila kesa sa mga RCPI/Ebiz.

Please let me know thanks. January 13, at 7: Hi eva, have you tried nailasmoneychanger. Hi Dhai, you can ask nailasmoneychanger.


Monthly kasi, e may remittance ako from US, at sinusunod din ng WU kung ano ang US-Peso Forex. Nagtanong na ko sa may Czarina malapit sa amin. Ang sabi nila, meron silang WU but di daw sila online, Fax lang daw, maghihintay daw ako ng at least 1 hour. Is this okay or reliable? Mataas kasi palitan nila kesa sa mga RCPI/Ebiz.

Hi Charito, please post your question here: For those looking for money changer offering the best rate in town. Please give us a call Mobile No. Hi Tsarlot, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, that Czarina branch should fix their reservation system. The money will still come from the Makati branch, but I was not informed by the person I spoke with through the cellphone.

When I reserved again, was again frustrated! Tsk I hope they can fix their Customer Service. You can see the exchange rates on nailasmoneychanger. Im a trader here in pampanga? San po pwde magpqpalit ng singapore dollar coins almost 1k kasi to sa peso pag pinalitan sayang nmn. Their rate is a bit low. I wish you have insisted that you gave that exact time you were there so they will check and recheck. You can also ask if they write the serial numbers of currencies they accept and issue.

San po ba nagpapapalit ang money exchange business ng dollar o peso? Balak ko kasi mag forex in big amount pero in actual sa money exchange shop talaga. Ex I bought dollar in Here are US-dollar accounts with low maintaining balances. We have a cross check from US. Is it possible to find someone with dollar account then we deposit the check and get the cash later on?

Or do we need to open a new dollar account same name with that on the cheque? Hi loidz, I think they can change a reasonable amount, depending on how much dollars they have at the time you transact with them. But they might ask for more IDs or you might be required to fill up a form if you exchange more than US10, — this is to comply with the money laundering policy regarding transactions worth k pesos or more per day.

But you are right to exchange your dollars inside the mall as it is relatively safer there. I just want to know what is the maximum amount of dollars for peso exchange at Shoe Mart per day? Hi Dan, most money changers change even 5-dollar, dollar or dollar bills, but they give lower rates for small bills.

Hi dan, try asking your question at the chat box of nailasmoneychanger. Hi san aq pwede magpapalit ng baisa? And it took currency symbol is omr. Anu diff ng baisa sa omr?. Will add to this if I find something. Hi Abel, go to nailasmoneychanger. Hi roril, sad to say, if many money changers have refused to change your ghana cedi, including nailasmoneychanger.

Hi carlos, sorry but I think it will be hard finding any one willing to encash a personal check. You know of course that you can deposit that in your dollar bank account here, or to withdraw your money using your atm card. You can also explore using Xoom. Ang Czarina kasi wala silang Internet connection so they cannot access WU online directly. Nagtanong na ko sa may Czarina malapit sa amin.

Ang sabi nila, meron silang WU but di daw sila online, Fax lang daw, maghihintay daw ako ng at least 1 hour. Is this okay or reliable? Ang concern ko e, bakit matagal ata, at saka safe ba na fax lang? Hi gina, ang nag-issue ba ng check ay bank abroad?

If abroad, open a dollar account, and then deposit the check. It might take a month before the check clears. Kung locally issued at hindi siya cross-check or walang nakasulat na For Payee Account Only, encash mo doon sa bank branch written on the check. Hi Rinah, yes, they change Malaysian ringgit to peso. If you want to buy ringgit, you must call them beforehand and reserve. Hi Cons, ibenta mo na lang online, example sa sulit.

Where is the best money changer that has these rates please? Hi Aileen, go to those that are purely money changers. The exchange rate is lower, but some money changers change small bills. Western Union is primarily a remittance company. I have remaining 27usd where can I change it? Because I inquire in western union and they not avail to change my 1usd,5usd,10usd they change only fixed like usd. Thank you for the response I hope you get my point.

Hi Erick, usually it is the same money changers on the list above. But it also depends on the branch if they have available euros. Usually it is best to call first and ask. You can chat with Nailas at nailasmoneychanger. Hi Jp, there might be money changers that will change your coins.

Go to Nailas Money Changer and ask via its Chat section. Hi andrhea, somebody asked that question at nailasmoneychanger. Try emailing the BSP bspmail bsp. Hi King, go to nailasmoneychanger.

One reason is that there are Turkish bills which have become obsolete. Turkey issued new bills in Search online — there are pictures of obsolete Turkish BIN. Meron po ako turklirasi Bin mgkano palitan nito sa at saan pwede papalitan mayron kc money changer hindi daw sila ngpapalit ng turkey.. Your email address will not be published.

August 28, at 5: August 20, at August 17, at 7: July 24, at 9: July 20, at June 29, at 9: June 28, at 9: Hello po saan po pwede magpapalipt Ng dollar Ang kaso po hiwahiwalay na sya. June 26, at 7: May 30, at Saan pwede mapalitan ung oman baisa? March 9, at 9: March 8, at 1: Hi mam saan po pwede palita ang money po na de mexico. March 2, at February 18, at 5: February 16, at January 24, at January 24, at 7: January 13, at 7: December 6, at 3: Where can i exhange my brazillian real here in the Phils.

December 5, at 1: Hi , i would like ask if you will change Hungary Forint money to Phil. December 5, at 3: Ask ko lng po if may money changer po ba sa pinas na nag aaccept ng egyptian pounds.. November 29, at 8: Hi ask ko lang po saan po pwede mag papalit ng US dollar na may old series? November 28, at 5: Hi po, mayron po ako Italian money Saab ko po Pwd ipapalit to peso bill?

September 26, at 8: Where can I possibly exchange my peru sol to Philippine peso.? September 26, at 7: Saan ko sya pwedi ipaChange? September 5, at August 30, at July 9, at Hi ask ko lng pi kung nagpapalit n kau ng qatar rial to peso.

July 1, at 5: June 27, at 7: San po pwdu magpapalit ng qatari riyal at magkano po rate nyo tnx. June 25, at 2: June 17, at 5: June 15, at 4: May 29, at May 28, at 5: April 20, at February 18, at 7: February 16, at 4: February 5, at 7: February 3, at Please send me info. January 4, at 4: January 3, at 5: December 5, at 5: November 27, at November 26, at 9: Magkano po ang minimum bill na pwedeng ipapalit?

I have 1, 10 and 50 riyal po. October 8, at October 8, at 9: October 6, at 6: September 1, at 8: August 11, at 8: August 11, at 1: August 8, at August 8, at 6: San po pwedeng magpapalit ng mga coins na dollar? I have dollar coins leftover.

July 23, at Tingnan mo ang mga money changers na ito: July 21, at July 8, at 2: July 7, at 5: I jusy want to ask where can i changes my oman baisa in the philippines. June 24, at June 23, at 7: May 26, at 6: May 25, at May 15, at 7: Hi Carlo, go to nailasmoneychanger.

May 14, at 4: May 3, at 1: April 22, at 3: March 28, at 2: March 22, at 8: March 21, at 5: March 21, at March 8, at 5: Hi Dhai, you can ask nailasmoneychanger. March 6, at February 26, at February 25, at 9: February 23, at February 22, at 9: January 12, at Saan maganda magpa-palit ng php to Thai Baht? December 31, at December 27, at 8: Napapalitan pa ba ang coins liberty quarter dollars salamat. December 11, at 5: November 24, at November 21, at November 20, at 7: November 18, at 7: November 17, at 9: November 9, at 1: Bumibili po kami ng U.

November 6, at 5: November 5, at 6: Is there a money changer that changes Egyptian pounds to Philippines peso? October 15, at 4: Hi jeff, go to nailasmoneychanger. October 15, at 1: October 11, at Hi meron ba kayong palitan para sa Egypt currency to Philippine peso!? Lulu Phils Iternational Exchange.

September 14, at 5: August 26, at 9: Hi jess, go to nailasmoneychanger. August 26, at August 19, at 9: San po pdeng magpapalit ng venezuela money change q po sya sa peso. June 28, at 6: Hi allan, go to nailasmoneychanger.

June 27, at 4: Hi where can I change diez mil money of Peru and how much is the exchange rate. OFW remittances are further broken down to: The top or Affiliate Marketers, bloggers, writers, online sellers, virtual assistants, and other home-based online workers Upwork, etc.

Do note that the amount need to go through foreign exchange to be converted to pesos. It is important to consider that some overseas Filipino workers bring their savings home to the Philippines too.

This happens when the overseas Filipino worker finished their contract overseas. The money sent by overseas Filipino workers home can be a fraction of the total income earned by the OFW. Money will be brought to the Philippines which was either converted to US dollars. Converting directly to Philippine pesos abroad like in Dubai, Saudi, or non-US country can be a wrong decision, as the rate is terrible and lower. Finding the best foreign exchange money changer is the first thing to do when attempting to convert the hard earned money into local currency — the Philippine Peso.

Majority of the amount or Czarina started doing business for 40 years from the divestiture from Czarina Jewelry company. Czarina is a member of the Foreign Exchange Buyers Association of the Philippines with the reputation as money exchange dealer in Metro Manila. Ltd HK on its 14 year operation is considered to be one of the biggest remittance companies that offer services to OFWs.