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Thomas L Foley added a new photo — eating breakfast at Salem Diner. Motha Forkin' Foodie is at Salem Diner. In it was used in the first season of the Welsh police detective drama series Hinterland , in the episode "Devil's Bridge". Vosper had found success as a watercolour painter before coming to Wales ; he had exhibited work in galleries throughout England , and at the Paris Salon and the Royal Academy in London.

He was noted for his paintings of people, particularly the people of Le Faouët in Brittany. Vosper's Welsh paintings began with his marriage to Constance James of Merthyr Tydfil in , and ended after her death in Vosper first saw the chapel in , not long after the " Welsh Revival ". He had already painted many famous images of prayer and piety in Brittany, and it would seem the chapel and its congregation inspired him in much the same way. Only one of the figures was actually a member of the chapel, Robert Williams of Caer Meddyg, a carpenter, farmer and deacon at Capel Salem, he can be seen on the far left beneath the clock.

Vosper paid each model 6d. The main figure is Siân Owen born in Maesygarnedd in , at the time of painting she was 71 and lived in Ty'n y Fanog on the backroads from Llanbedr. She was a widow having lost her husband George in the s.

They had one son William and Siân raised both William's sons in her tiny cottage, sadly both her grandsons would be killed in the First World War. Siân Owen herself lived on until , and is buried in Llanfair churchyard, Harlech. The chapel elders, uncomfortable with the dummy in a place of worship, insisted the dummy was to be removed each Saturday night before the "seiat" weekly church meeting the following morning.

Why Vosper chose Siân as the main figure is unclear, though there is a Welsh cultural image of a strong maternal figure considered iconic to 19th century Welsh family life Mam Cymru. Siân Owen would have had to stand for days wearing the shawl so that Vosper could paint its intricate detail and folds, Vosper later complained that she twitched and moved so much that it became very difficult to accurately reproduce the pattern and colour of the shawl and he eventually gave up, pinning the shawl to the dummy for the final stages.

The Welsh hat was a fashion which was current in the s and s. By the time of painting the hats were no longer worn by women in Wales, and the wearing of hats inside a chapel would have been considered a faux pas, especially for women. My wife and I are very aware that we have people here in Salem and the surrounding areas that are having a real challenge taking care of the basics of living. One of the charities that we support is Simonka which is a great charity that does great work. Simonka helps battered women and their children temporarily with a safe place to sleep and supplies meals.

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