I think I picked up a good Norinco MAK 90 AK-47...

This allows me to use any magazines without having to worry about US followers, any stock set and any forearm set. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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That stock won't grow on you. Just replace it with a proper set of stocks, of course don't forget the r parts to make that action legal. My Wasr 10 has a thumbhole stock. Have considered buying the proper stocks fnfalman mentioned. But since it almost never leaves the gun safe, I haven't gotten around to it. It might be as simple as American made pistol grip and buttstock plus American made trigger mechanism because the MAK doesn't have a threaded muzzle.

Walter Bishop Dec 1, The easiest way to make a MAK r compliant is to install a Tapco G2 trigger group and a US-made stock and upper and lower handguard. If you have a slant-cut receiver you are going to have trouble modifying a standard AK stock to fit. Also the MAK receiver is thicker so even if you have a straight-cut receiver you will need to remove some material with a dremel or file. I have one that I bought not long after they were first introduced, I want to say or Had the thumbhole stock and no threads on the barrel and looked just like yours.

The store I bought it from hadn't taken care of it very well and it had quite a bit of mild surface rust on it. Shot like a dream but I hated the thumbhole stock. I can't remember what the foreign parts count is. The way r is set up, it doesn't matter how many US parts the gun has, it cannot have over a certain number of foreign parts to be compliant.

I can't remember how many foreign parts it is allowed to have, but the way it works out, it has to have 5 US parts 6 if you thread the muzzle and use a muzzle device Basically the same thing, but the Feds count the foreign parts, not the US parts. In mine, I replaced the hammer, trigger and sear with a Tapco G2 set. I replaced the gas piston with a Tapco part and the pistol grip with a wood US one, although I can't remember where I got it.

If you plan on threading the muzzle and putting on a muzzle device, you need another US part. This allows me to use any magazines without having to worry about US followers, any stock set and any forearm set. On mine, I accumulated the necessary parts during the ban and, right after work the day the "Assault Weapons Ban" expired, I stayed up almost all night de-banning it.

I had worked for a few days before getting the wood ready to go. All wood was stripped, stained and finished with amber shellac. It looks outstanding and, because of the shellac, has a depth to the finish that is just doesn't come across in pics.

I put on a Romanian side folding stock, Romanian pistol grip forearm and the US parts. Forgive the shiny snap on the sling, it was all I had at the time to hold the sling on the sling loop. Enjoy your new rifle. This is the hugely popular Chinese MAK in 7. It is in excellent condition! According to my internet searches, this indicates that it was imported by Southfield, MI.

Comes with sling, two steel 30rd mags and one steel 5rd mag. I have shot it on two occasions, and I always thoroughly cleaned it and oiled it. It has performed flawlessly the two occasions I shot it at the range. It is extremely accurate at long range just using the "irons"! I hate to sell, but I must because I need the money. As an extra incentive, I will offer to sell all my 7. These extras are up to you.