MetaTrader 4 and 5

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Examples of Binary Options Tradi.. Binary Options as Gambling.. The Stock Market The stock market may seem a mystery to you. Trading and Investing Share Prices If you have ever looked at the price charts of shares, then you will have noticed that they are.. Market Sectors and Indices Market Sectors For ease of reference, stock markets will group together particular types of shares.

One way they do this is.. How to read Candlestick Charts Charts display information, and different chart types provide different levels of information. Double Bottom and Double Top Double bottom and double top are a chart reversal pattern. In other words, the pattern displayed will signal a reversal of.. Ascending and Descending Triangle Patterns Triangles are often used in technical analysis to identify a breakout.

A triangle can be ascending, descending and symmetric. Play to win with Casino Stocks Stock Analysts like to pick winners for their clients. In the context of the downturn where many stocks are doing badly,.. Trading Indices versus Individual Shares. The Psychology of a Successful Trader. What is spread betting? Spread betting is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as it gives people the chance to bet on a number of.. This may be used.. Disclaimer Day Trading can carry a high risk to your capital can be very volatile and prices may move rapidly against you.

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