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Teaching ESL is one of the most difficult jobs. Within a minute or so, you should receive a text message or phone call with a verification code. Articles on HubPages are not allowed to contain adult content.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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They expect to be entertained, refuse to read,. Here few to none have a degree in language, as most take their diplomas in education or business and are totally unfit to teach any subject except education done poorly. It is rare, indeed, to find a subject matter expert, and those who can teach the subject are replaced by those who spend their time teaching methodology, strategies, and pedagogy in the classroom and ignoring the language and its nuances from reading comprehension to spelling, composition, and so forth.

My partner and i accustomed to acquire high on existence yet these days I've truly established a new opposition. Hi jdaviswrites, these are great teaching methods, i have learnt a lot from this hub, thanks. Voted up, useful and shared with followers. We've read your important and useful advices,they were really learning points. As an ESL teachers in lovely Afghanistan.

Yeah I just don't allow the students to speak their native language, unless they raise their hand and ask. If they don't then they get a warning and if they do it again I give them a small penalty. I make them stand on their chair with one leg for ten minutes It's not actually that mean, but I made some instructional videos and wrote about this. I wouldn't recommend a penalty like the reciting of a poem as punishment for speaking Spanish. I think rewards when they speak English is the best route to take with students in an ESL class.

The teacher gets screwed from both ends--by the students who are never happy with the class, and by the school who jerk you around like a plug and play toy. The students know they have the control, and can complain and have you replaced with another teacher. The school has to please the students, so the "customer is always right--even when they're wrong" mentality prevails. It needs to be ONLY you and the student to work.

I hate ESL schools, they are all a bunch of assholes, always screwing you around, always shorting you, always fucking with you. Another great idea is to find another way of making money altogether, as ESL is a shit wage, living hand to mouth.

If you love being a human doormat, then by all means ESL teaching at a school is for you! I am writing a paper on the problems and solutions of the esl classroom, specifically in Korea, where I have been teaching for almost 3 years.

I thought it would be too easy to simply write about the problems so I am excited by your solutions and such honesty! Thanks for sharing the information, i'm going to include the info into my project "effective techniques in teaching culture in ESL classroom , don't you mind? The high use of first language makes it even more difficult job Thank's for the article. I fully agry with your vision of a process of teaching FL. But in my case, the usage of the pupils' first language is necessary.

I am a teacher of English from Russia. I work in a state school with the children of the 2nd till the 10th forms. We have only 2 hours of English for the primary school stage. When I give new vocabulary to these pupils I have to write not only the transcription of word, but I also write the reading of the word with a help of Russian letters in order students should understand and remember the pronunciation.

It's not enough for the pupils,eg. What shall I do instead of this? Can you help me? I have just started teaching in a primary school in china i have 95 kids per lesson and even the chinese english teachers cant control them very well any advice? I think you just identified the problems many students have, included myself. Unfortunately the ESL teacher at my local school simply played board games with students last year. I teach ESL to adults, and sometimes have students with some of these traits.

Thanks for the hub! Great HUB but I think every article like this should be very clear whether you are offering advice for multilingual or uni-lingual situations and whether it is in the county with the foreign language or in an English speaking country.

I have taught in all and the difference is huge. The biggest problem by far in a non-English speaking country is going to be the public school administration - not the students. I enjoyed teaching one-on-one to adults or a 2person group. An adolescent class would be rough for me to handle. I teach in Asia for esl students and also they only wnt to play games which i think is good,, because when they are excited about learning something they want to do it more Teaching ESL is one of the most difficult jobs.

Specially when U are engaged in teaching the primary section. U really need to be patient enough as its not a matter of joke. Moreover when its the second language.

When they'd get bored, I do a lesson on idioms. It was always fun and I learned as much about their language as they did about mine. Tardiness was a problem because they didn't see it as a problem. Also all late comers announced their presence with a hello to the class and everyone in the class responded.

It was a cultural thing I had to get used to. It was rude to enter a room and not speak to those present. Thanks for reading and I'm glad you found the article useful. Paul Kuehn - I don't see a problem in that. If students are learning without even realizing it, that is ideal. Games are probably the best way to do that Lately, I've had the problem that a lot of kids only want to play games in class.

I'll play a game occasionally, but only when it is reviewing material that the students are learning or should have learned. Lita C Malicdem - Interesting input. Very thoughtful and in depth. Thank you for that, and thank you for reading. My comments are on the record. I have also read the comments of other hubers on the subject and their appreciation of the hub has added more and more value to it.

Even those whose children are not yet school going have found it useful in various respects. Teacher is a blessing and a teacher who teaches a language other than the mother tongue is a further blessing. When children learn a foreign language or second language they are benefited of it throughout their life.

The understanding of the culture and living of other people becomes easy for them and they can make their own people understand the foreign people and thus mutual cooperation takes place for the advancement of knowledge and experience among two cultures.

All people are respectable and all languages are respectable being the signs of the Creator scattered through out the universe and heavens all saying with one voice that Our Creator is glorified and Sustainer of all of us.

He is the Lord of all Honour. These things must be kept in mind by anyone considering teaching, not just ESL, but any subject. TESL is a tough job for non-natives of English, who have to learn the language themselves before they teach it. Most often, overdone drills are risky. Mechanical responses from the learners often results, like, "May I buy it's a pencil? I couldn't agree with you more.

Thanks for the comment Well organized and thoughtful. I agree with others who have said that this is just good advice for teachers in general. ESL is a very difficult thing to teach.

I don't think "forcing" students to speak English in the classroom is a bad thing though. Anyone who knows anything about language acquisition will know that immersion is the best, most effective way to learn a language: This applies to any language you're learning, not just English. It's got absolutely nothing to do with considering English superior.

For the one, maybe two hours that students are in the class, I think they should speak English. If I were paying money to attend a Spanish class, I would expect to be speaking Spanish in class Forcing the students to only speak English sends a very bad message. You are telling the student that English is superior to their native language.

Being bilingual supercedes an "Americanized" education where English is considered superior to all other languages and cultures. This may not be your intention when telling students not to speak their first language, but it is certainly the message they will receive.

After all, we are now and have always been a nation of immigrants. It's time we stop pretending that we are superior to other races. I think your mother should write it. Hezekiah - I agree, that is a big problem. I tried to hide my knowledge of Spanish when I was taught in Spain Thanks for the comment. I believe one big problem is if they know that you understand their native language!!!

Hopefully the hubbing works out. Looks like the skill of teaching goes beyond knowing how to speak my own "first language"! I've been trying to see how success might be achieved as a hub writer by going to high scorer's hubs.

This read has really impressed me. Excellent organization and clear writing. A great "how to"! Earthmother Mara - Excellent added advice that I'm sure everyone, including myself, appreciates. Thank you for the comment. I'm happy to hear someone other than an ESL teacher finds my words useful.

If you have the slightest desire, which it sounds like you do, then go for it! You won't regret it no matter if you enjoy it or not. I have more hubs on teaching ESL and finding work in Spain If you find yourself unable to publish articles, this means your account has been banned. There can be multiple reasons for a banning, including but not limited to chronic rules violations, abusing the Forums, and harassing other members of the site.

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There is also an age requirement: There is no right to steal. No government gave humans rights. They are absolutely a part of being human. Look at your hand. You own your body.

In the winter, you choose to place gloves upon your hands or perhaps mittens made in China. You go to the shop and buy a pair. You absolutely own those gloves or mittens. I think we agree on this part. Nationalization is nothing less than theft, because, just like one owns his mittens, one owns a particular well of water, especially if one owns the property where the well was dug by one's own hands.

A government which forces the water well owner to vacate his property, even if the owner refused to sell, is practicing theft. Market value or not, force would need to be used to 1.

This, is nothing less than theft, be it by a government, a group of thugs or a man with a gun — there is no difference. Nationalization is also a "weasel word". It means initiating force within social relationships to take things by force, even if paying for the items taken, especially when the payee has refused the sale.

There is no "nation" of thugs. Nations consist of individual people. It is what is: It can be nothing else, unless one feels mankind is a mere herd animal, adrift upon the whims and wishes of those in power or perhaps a king, defining liberties based upon the alleged moral majority, the weather, pig entrails or even Church Dogma.

Competition is not impossible in any industry, unless that industry is very limited in scope or is given coercive monopoly power by government decree.

As an example, in the early U. Railroad industry was said to have been the epitome of the giant monopoly system, created by competition, but this is not true.

Many Railroad companies did not 'legally' buy the land upon which they built their tracks, but plied the hands of politicians with money who then forced the property owners to sell. This is not the result of free trade, but the result of bare knuckled confiscation.

In a sense, they nationalized the land for the Railroads and ignored the unalienable rights of people. Millionaires were made, at the expense of rights. In other words, in a non-free system of governance, oligarchies are the norm. Profits are only given to shareholders if they sell their stocks or utilize some dividend. This is not siphoning, but their ROI. It belongs to them. It is their property. The very fact that shareholders purchase stocks, at least initially, is to seek remuneration from a profitable company and give it the life blood to be born in the first place, with all the investment risk such an endeavor requires.

The benefits of private ownership are never lost. Where do they go? The loss only occurs when things like nationalization are used to ply the hard earned profits, the property, the freedom to own, from the risk takers and innovators in the name of "you don't have any rights". Again, rights never change. Sure, immoral governments use force to strip us of individual liberties, but our rights never change. Whether a Roman soldier was conscripted years ago or today, we are required on pain of fine, to pay for nationalized healthcare, individual rights as I previously mentioned never went away.

They were only stolen, suspended, abdicated, like 'nationalization' steals property. You have it backwards. The Bill of Rights is a piece of wax paper, just like Thomas Jefferson always warned.

We must first recognize that bills and laws only codify what is already unalienable. The advancement would be to further secure these rights, not ignore them. To make sure the laws and our rights, are not so easily melted away. As for state schools, correct, they do use force to conscript students in the U. Such a system is immoral. Schools must all be voluntary, not compulsory.

Teachers, at least in the U. I'm not against education, quite the contrary, I am for the freedom of individual to go where ever chosen. Whether that is a trade school or law school, paid for by hard work, rich uncles, church monies or charities, but never by the taxpayer — without the permission of same.

But if the doctors in the U. On the other hand, taxation required to pay for studies to determine why people play football, is a form or slavery, with the small 's'. But I still vehemently hold to the course that there are no boundaries of personal property ownership, so long as one trades for the items or resources in a free and fair market. Again, such markets are not easy to find.

And there is no "we" to "own" everything else. It means one person at a time. There are no group thoughts or mind-melds, but each individual brain encased in each individual head. Each brain has its own thoughts. Some brains think there are no unalienable rights.

These types are responsible for much mayhem in our world from the deserts of Syria to the old Gulags in a former union of Soviets. A few brains, damned few these days, reject the "we" for the idea of "I" as in "individual liberties". These "I's" break away from the lemmings heading for the cliffs. They hold certain truths Everything is reinvested, giving people the best possible service. The problem is that people are not getting the best possible service. It is one thing not to get a profit, but it is another thing to drain the revenue without getting something good in return.

Healthcare in the US and the UK doesn't provide a quality service. The propaganda I get is from your fellow Brits who have complained about their treatment, mistreatment, or non treatment. You evidently are a healthy person, and it isn't until you get sick that you see flaws in the healthcare system. How many major diseases has the British Healthcare system cured. Using the Salk vaccine for Polio as an example of what I mean by cure? The US Healthcare is not in the business of finding cures just expensive treatments and surgeries.

Efficient in economics is not quality healthcare. What other successes are there from British Nationalism, I am serious and I don't know of any. Maybe, I am ignorant, maybe just curious, or possibly I really want to know? Thanks for commenting chefsref. I agree that the control corporations have over government is a huge problem. Prisons are a good example to raise. And yes, the incentive to get more people into prison could never end well. Single payer healthcare sounds alright to me too as long as the profit motive is removed.

I think pharmaceutical companies and their innovations can still be kept separate from any nationalised system of hospitals. Cheers Kimberly, I'll be voting for Corbyn too. I worry that they'll find a way to stop him though; whether by deleting votes or abandoning the whole election. There is no absolute right to ownership. Yes, companies are only in it for profit and, if they compete with other companies for it, this drives innovation, new products, and low prices.

The benefits of private ownership innovation and price competition are lost, while the main disadvantage profit siphoned off for shareholders instead of being reinvested is retained. Rights change as civilization does. We must continue to advance. Are we forcing teachers to provide people with an education?

Or are you against those too? I do find it a rather ridiculous argument that doctors working in the UK National Health Service or any public service are "slaves". Of course we have a right to own property. No-one is saying otherwise. We still have and should have the right to own everything else. Thanks for commenting bradmaster. Great Britain is a wonderful example of how nationalization has succeeded. The US spends more on healthcare per person and gets less for what it spends.

Millions are left without healthcare in the US. Privatisation of other services in the UK has typically reduced quality, increased costs, and has been carried out for ideological reasons: The entire idea of a free market in the US is an oxymoron. Industries have become globalized and they control the government.

There are revolving doors between Wall Street and the Fed as well as Federal agencies and the companies they regulate. That said, I would add prisons to your list and remove health care. I believe in single payer health care but not allowing government to run the entire show. Single payer Health care because treatment should not come down to profit or loss. At what point is it more profitable to let someone die? Letting the government run the all of health care would lead to a loss of innovation.

New treatments and new drugs all arise from the profit motive. Prisons because it is outrageous to allow someone to profit by keeping someone locked up and to generate more profits by convicting people. I voted for Jeremy After the abysmal May result, the only way is up! If one agrees with nationalization, based upon some vague notion that a common good must be served, one must first answer the question: There is no such right to steal. There is only force and that is immoral.

Hence, to nationalize, is to steal. To use force against others, without their permission. Whether 'force' is a decree from the 'people', as represented by their government, based upon the false idea that the good or service being nationalized stolen , is immaterial. The government or the people have no right to steal. One cannot ignore it. One cannot hide it theft inside the 'common good. If one states that there are no real rights or that rights are vague, then why do we have prisons?

If theft is only theft, depending upon how we color it, then someone who steals a car is only nationalizing it on the micro-social scale, right? The car thief has needs after all. This reasoning is justified by nationalization. Hence, the idea - the position, that some have the right to confiscate the goods created by others, is a fallacy. A company which mines salt, since everyone must have salt, owns that salt. To take the salt mine from that company in the name of John Q.

Mine your own salt or trade for it freely. One cannot morally confiscate the salt mine and retain one's morality. One cannot 'blank out' the theft in the vague name of communal goods. A gang of thugs with the most power? To state that companies are only in it for the profit, is true.

But profits drive the products to one's refrigerator.