The RSI Envelope Trader EA

For traders who prefer to make use of a rather simple rule based trading strategy without the complexity, the RSI and MACD Strategy is very particular Forex trading strategy makes it easy for even beginners to trade with and works regardless of the market trends.

It shows whether the bulls or bears are winning over the look-back period, which can be adjusted by the user. See what kind of technical indicators and oscillators work best in conjunction with Fibonacci retracements to confirm stock Traditionally, traders have relied on the Relative Strength Index RSI to measure the strength of a currency pair by tracking the changes in its closing price. I find day trading to be a J. It is primarily used to attempt to identify overbought or oversold conditions in the trading of an asset.

How to Trade Using RSI

Forex EA Robot – RSI Trading System EA v This time we took RSI trading serious! This amazing classic indicator is very powerful by its simplicity, so we decided to connect it to our best EA source code a result we get widely customizable EA.

RSI Divergence suggests that a current momentum is over and traders should look to protect their profits and be ready to trade in the opposite direction. The best way to learn about any indicators is to read original works of their creators. Therefore, let's turn to the book where J. Welles Wilder tells about his research on RSI indicator:. Failure swings above 70 or below 30 are very strong indications of a market reversal. Although divergence does not occur at every turning point, it does occur at most significant turning points.

When divergence begins to show up after a good directional move, this is a very strong indication that a turning point is near.

Divergence is the single most indicative characteristic of the Relative Strength Index. For calculation Downward Price Changes are taken as positive values. Adding to the subject: RSI is also known to form patterns, such as wedges, triangles, double tops and bottoms, head and shoulders etc.

Daily charts are perfect to watch these patterns. RSI breakouts from own patterns often happen days earlier than price breakouts on the charts, providing an invaluable information to a trader. The advantage a longer default RSI is that it uses a longer time period and thus produces less false signals, however, it will lag more. The shorter period RSI will give the less of a lag when it comes to identifying important turning points.

At times 6 RSI will lead, but other times it'll go together with 14 RSI, which allows to distinguish stronger signals and filter out least important ones. I don't think so. A Bullish divergence is formed when RSI is at the bottom and begins to rise, while price keeps making new lows. A Bearish divergence - RSI at the top starting to decline.

On the other hand, traders look to sell a currency pair after RSI moves above the horizontal 70 reference line and back below it. T raditional RSI Signals. However, an overlooked method of using RSI is the use of trendlines directly on the oscillator itself in much the same way that they are used on price charts. Connecting rising swing lows in an uptrend or lower swing highs in a downtrend, traders can find excellent trading opportunities with strong risk to reward setups.

Because RSI measures the surge in closing prices, when RSI changes direction and either breaks above or below a trend line, a significant move in price can result.

Trendlines placed on this oscillator provide an additional level of precision as well as additional trade setups. Because the signals are leading rather than lagging, stops can be placed relatively close to the entry point. This allows for a good risk to reward trading opportunity. In the above chart of the very same GBPUSD 4-hour chart used in the previous example, trendline breaks identified several more setups. It is very easy to align the GTM setting to any broker using an alignment setting that can be found in the EA itself.

As with all EAs in the long run the EA settings will need to be retested and updated on a regular basis for your personal broker so experience in this process will be an advantage.

Please use your common sense when using these test results: There is no guarantee that these result will ever be better or worse. We also provide a basic optimisation process which will help you find the best historical settings for your broker account - see the above videos. The forum details will also be available in the product page on the EAFactory website.

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