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On its background, the euro looks too faded. I have to be sure that this is what I need. All the serious and complicated stuff in a car has been hidden from you so that you have nothing to think about when you get behind the wheel. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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In einigen Fällen können die Analysten Meinungen über irgendwelche Veränderungen der aktuellen Marktsituation unterschiedlich sein. In diesem Fall würden wir Innen empfehlen, die Veröffentlichungen eines einzigen Spezialisten zu verfolgen, der nach Ihrer Meinung am klarsten und am richtigsten die Situation am Forex bewerten kann. Newsletter mit Analysen Analysen im Telegram. Forex-Übersichten abonnieren Forex-Marktbewertungen abonnieren. Euro continues to fall Wave pattern transformed If the data indicates an increase in activity, a breakthrough of the resistance level of 1.

Employment in the US clearly above forecasts. In the coming days, favorable conditions will be created on the chart of the instrument for entering long transactions. Purchasing may be relevant in the coming months. Thus, there are reasons to assume. Today, all attention in the first half of the day was riveted to data on the servant sector in the UK, as well as retail sales in the eurozone. As a result, none of the reports pleased investors, which led to a decline in the euro and the pound against the US dollar.

Yesterday's speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. This is signaled by one closed purple bar. The European currency gained too weak a trump card to withstand the dollar, which is still gaining momentum. The dollar index is in the area of 95 points, showing a recovery across the market.

On its background, the euro looks too faded. The corrective wave of growth of the euro and the pound may continue today. Demand for gold will continue in the event of a deepening political conflict in Italy. The dollar continues its victorious procession, and, as usual, political events are the main reason, but in a strange way, the movement in the market fully coincides with the macroeconomic data.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, speaking at the National Association of Business Economics, confirmed the Fed's policy of gradually increasing interest rates.

Powell confidence is based on some long-term trends. On Tuesday, the foreign exchange market did not demonstrate an unambiguous dynamics. Still, the influence of multidirectional forces both supports and exerts pressure on the US dollar rate. First bearish target would be located around 1. A parallel channel line is then depicted over the top of wave. The whole uptrend will often stay inside those 2 borders. It is based on measurement of min, and maximum prices for the definite number of periods.

It is the minimal value from the set of all Low prices Lowest Low within n periods. It's the maximal value from the set of all High prices Highest High within n periods. The changes depend on the appearing of new max. The indicator's lines of are dynamic lines of support and resistance. The lower trend line depicts support, the upper trend line depicts resistance. Price channels with downward slopes are bearish and channels with upward slopes are bullish. If wave 3 starts to accelerate to the point that it is higher than the upper channel line, the lines are depicted again along the top of wave 1 and the bottom of wave 2.

The last channel is depicted under the 2 corrective waves 2 and 4 and as a rule over the high.