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Der EURUSD-Kurs ist in den letzten Wochen um Pips gestiegen und nähert sich unmittelbar vor der Zinsentscheidung der FED einer wichtigen Widerstandsmarke.

The Judge is not someone you want to try to pull a fast one on because you will quickly end up on the wrong side of the FBI if there is any fraud or deception.

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Der EURUSD-Kurs ist in den letzten Wochen um Pips gestiegen und nähert sich unmittelbar vor der Zinsentscheidung der FED einer wichtigen Widerstandsmarke.

Yes he is in vegas trying to change his name from my understanding. As I said previously, I have moved on and finally got into something truthful and legit. Look the truth is this. Finding a real provider is like looking for a needle in a haystack!!!! If you think you can get into this world with nickels and dimes you are sorely mistaken. You have to realize that this is for the elite and were trying to get involved.

Also if you are not protected and have the proper corporations set up you are setting yourself up for disaster. I have seen it happen time and time again. Be careful and know who you are dealing with. I already gave my recommendation and I hope we can clean up this bs. I would ask to speak with you about your experience with them. I am worried we might be caught up in this same scam.

Please email me at calebwilliams gmail. Does it make sense to look for funding in this forum, instead of putting it out there to be preyed upon by vultures?? I am looking for funding for a vertical wind tunnel in the Tuscon area.. Recently was pitching the Magnet Program. Time waster on an hourly, weekly, or permanent basis if you let her. Hard to get off the phone, so best to not even start. In response to the obvious need, we were considering the possibility of adding a Fraud Protection Discussion Forum.

This would focus on the private placement world, as well as other related investment areas. In addition, we believe this would promote a more efficient community, and allow for easier access to information.

If you can, please post any opinions or ideas you have in relation to the Discussion Forum. By assessing your input, our firm will customize the new Forum to meet the preferences, and interests of our growing community. Can you provide any more info on your dealing with Dino Awadisian. Have someone who was looking at him for a program.

Any additional insight would be appreciated. Is this the Kai Lassen you were asking about? If you google him you can see where he lost his law license once, maybe twice for fradulant billing, but has been reinstated. He claims to have closed PPP deals and is certainly not broke, but we have reason to believe that family money accounts for more than a little of his holdings.

He claims to have been a super-successful mortgage broker for seven years. He now does the RE buy-rehab-sell thing in the Minneapolis area, and spends a lot of time remodeling his own house.

There was always a new twist to the story, nothing was ever explained very well. Always that other call to get you off the phone. Made many promises, delivered next to nothing. Very tough to deal with and very unprofessional in my opinion. I have recenlty investigated several scams pertaining to fundings similar to those mentioned above, mainly from European cons and fundings. Thanks for the insight, much appreciated.

It occurs to me that I know of a Cheryl who Kevin and Dino have tried working through. Something tells me it is. And might that gentleman in AZ have the initials R. You have to know someone to get involved. The one that are giving serious ROI. Investors goggle Ginnie Mae, this is a great US government back program, several of my associates and I has been working with this program, if you would like to know more about this program contact me zw tidalwavecorp.

Note; the commissioners are charging brokers now for the lost of clients funds. Please… do your due diligence before contacting me, before we jeopardize our company position with Ginnie Mae, we will blacklist you.

Are you the only one who has had this experience with this firm, or are there more of you? This forum is to help protect investors and brokers. Even though you may be acting in a thoughtful manner by soliciting for your program I am not on this board to be solicited. Personally, I am available to speak or email with anyone on site, but please do not list me to receive your solicitations.

Thanks for your respond Lauran it has been implemented into our data base. Your email address along with everyone else who has received a brief introduction about GNMA program has been deleted. Every deal will not be a success, each deal is different. I ask investors to do just a little homework, it can save you some heartache in the future.

Scammers will forever be around, business must continue on. While investors are looking for large ROI overseas and losing big, our government in the US is asking for help from investors with less risk to their funds. What better security or protection can the investors get than investing in a program that has paid investors billions in the last few years.

Contact your local political person, you will be surprised the connection you create when giving a 1K to a politician favorite charity.. Junior I guess that's why the rich keep getting richer, you have to learn how to make connections.

My mentor has been a lobbyist for the last 30years and have invested into this program back in , he's well off now. That why I love this America anybody can get rich even dummies.

There's 17 trillion worth of bad real estate debt in the US, NACA has been cutting mortgages just to keep more mortgages from being place into the felling market. And these bankers are dealing trading with the government with their assets, trying to place money into the economy.

It unreal that we've only gotten a couple US investor to consider participating in this program. OK investors keep searching for that big payout in foreign PPP , and keep listing to these experts that know the business, yet aren't closing any deals. Maybe after losing most of your funds it will sink in, invest at home. You stand a better chance of locating your funds if taken. I love this site!!!

I will be willing to provide names and numbers of those who have had failed experiences, lost money, and wasted time but I can not post. I have traded FX with Stuart Cardall. He did welll for me and is still doing well. But the amount in 10 K not millions. Has anyone done any business with Marcus Barcroft? It appears that blogger, S. King responded to him, but I am not sure. In any event has anyone done any Leased funds platform investing through Marcus Barcroft? But the point is, the broker may be perfectly well-intended, just trying to make a commission on placing your funds with a leased instrument provider.

Has anyone heard of large "Trusts" that want to fund real estate or humanitarian projects? The funds are paid out over a 12 month period and the borrower is not charged interest. In fact, the funds are never repaid except when real estate is involved. Equity in the project is given for the funding. Have you read the leased instrument and pof horror stories already posted on this forum?

I suggest you start at the top and read carefully. I am among those here working hard to dissuade people from engaging in POF or leased instrument deals. I just weighed in on this a couple of posts back.

Thank you for your comments and I invite all others to do so as well. They say it is fine either way. Many of the other blogs here seem to be discussing investors looking to invest in PPP 's, where I am looking to receive funds from this source.

Folks, most of you are reading and believing blogs from a Lauren. I have had direct dealings with this person and I can tell your firsthand that she is someone to stay away from. Dont let her know your name or business. Please be very careful of this person. She is not a professional.

She is a liar and a con. She will tell you that she is a number one assistant to WGI Steve Woods whom she has posted unfavorable things about as well. She will get loud and obnoxious when you dont respond her way and she is a pro at stealing your clients. She doesnt have to know you to post your name to a website. She has too much time of her hands because no one will do good business with her. Please be aware and do not buy into her hype.

Talk about a unstable person. Please know the person. Know what you are talking about. And always know that you could be the next victim of a false posting!

Since I believe I know who you are, I understand your position. When someone takes my position to. I have connected and directed many victims who needed help. General, and other victims who lost money to the same scammers.

My work has taken endless hours to compile for no other reason then the scammers make the good guys lose credibility. Would you like me to post a copy? I love this site- I have been posting it everywhere I can post. At some point we can make this a place to clean up the industry and save a lot of people time and money! On another note a few people are very upset their names have been mentioned on this board which means everyone is doing a very good job.

My biz partner heard of him through another hotel developer mogel-type that was entered into a PPP and funded by Shepard. I don't know who you people are and I have never heard of any of you. Has anyone dealt with a company called Aspen Capital Group? Has anyone dealt with a gentleman by the name of Douglas Martin?

I do not have to put money in up front nor do I have to put money in an escrow. I am supposed to receive the certificate first from Chase Manhattan then have it placed with a PPP broker before I ever even have to make my placement fee for the leased CD. Anyone heard of this kind of program and if so what are your opinions? I am not accusing anyone here, just want to get things clarified for my investor and for the bloggers here. CBA, Leased instruments cannot be placed into a trade. It would be like trying to refinace a property that you rent.

The leased instrument will not pass compliance. You can e-mail me at emortgag aol. Like most of you I have run through some pretty bad individuals but being new to the board I will wait to chime in when I see names that I have personal first hand knowledge of. Also, I have heard for years about a group in Texas that is run by a Judge that has a private platform by invitation only. Hats off to the owner of this site. It is much needed.

We need to clean up this industry and really make some funds. I have not heard of more than 2 people in the complete secondary market ever getting paid. Intermendaires are always cut out because the buyers and seller know they do not have to pay. There are so many names that is nothing but FAKE and Fraud to many to name just say most of the seller and most of the buyers are using someone else funds or leased funds.

YOu will look up and 4 years will have passed you by like no time and still no closing your bills are still going on you are on more conference calls and skypes and telephone calls from here to China to Europe to Africa to US and you are still BROKE Family all thing you are crazy saying you are closing a Zillion Dollar deal from some one you only met on the internet across the world and you talk and talk and start beliving these people that they have what they say.

I am moving on. I ran a great business in the past and will go back to the basis and get it going. Get a license and get protected by large company that you may have a better chance of getting paid. I will at some point send the long long list of people to AVOID for the new ones and some of the old it is a small world same people over and over. While we are not the kind of large dollar investment usually associated with these funds, the technology is fundamental and potentially worth billions.

Anybody else had similar situations particularly with Evergreen? The Judge is a former Federal Banking Judge who has a large law firm that specializes in banking fraud. Without this, the investor has no chance. This information can be submitted directly to his program manager. The Judge will conduct an FBI background check and check the funds. I learned this first hand when I brought a potential investor in for Proofing up and he was not quite what he claimed to be it was painful for the investor and very embarrassing for me.

The Judge is not someone you want to try to pull a fast one on because you will quickly end up on the wrong side of the FBI if there is any fraud or deception. Just so you know, he still sits the bench for other judges who need to take time off so he is still very well connected. The background check and Proofing up typically takes 48 to 72 hours and once done if all is well total transparency is given to the investor.

The Judges Law firms web site is given to the investor at this time so the investor can learn who the Judge is. The investor can also Google the Judge because there is tons written on him nothing bad. At this time the investor is invited to travel to the Judges Law firm and meet directly with him and the program manager where there and only there will he discuss the programs, performance and returns. This is actually encouraged. I can also tell you first hand that everyone that meets the Judge is immediately convinced, he is a really great person who's Humanitarian and Philanthropic gifts are endless.

I know the Judge is real but finding a way to get to him is nearly impossible. Would you please contact me tonythomp yahoo. Thank you in advance. Have been having a long saga funding a project using Prospexx Integrated Capital based in Canada that were introduced to me via a Broker. I did extensive searches pre the postings that have been occuring on this site there was nothing detrimental about the Principal Tom Mackenzie.

The deal is still not concluded however is well advanced but there still delays. A factor that does concern me is that If the business has been established for so long even with non disclosure agreements there must be a multitude of clients that would just say yes I got funded even if I paid upfront DD but I can not find anything.

Knowing that agendas can be hidden all I am asking for are a few positives or the negatives to be a bit more specific. For example John Harris are you just annoyed for your client not getting funded Are Launton connected to Barrett Capital and then Prospexx and If so just tell some of your happy clients to confirm that it is not a daisy chain bur real funds.

Seems a good forum to do it on. I am dealing with R. Casell as we speak. Can you either write to my personal email and tell me more or post it here. I have turned in paperwork to him to hypothecate a bond and he is supposed to deliver a contract here in the next day or so.

I actually told him about this site and that people were saying he was a time waster and his partner contacted me and told me it was just all sour grapes. On your August 27th post you said you would pay to see a leased instrument monetized- Are you dealing with Anthony for this? I met someone who spoke to him last year — he says he does this.

We can fund in days after receiving all the required documentation. We offer a high-paying PPP opportunity, as well. For more information visit http: Does anybody ever deal with Stephen Vasak and Jon V. If you have any information about them in PPP. Thanks for the input and so far R. Good day to all. We have been informed through multiple individuals that our company has been represented on this site.

We would like to clarify any and all inquiries regarding our corporation. We help corporations and individuals establish onshore and offshore entities along with onshore and offshore bank accounts as well. Our goal is to educate individuals on the ongoing changes taking place worldwide.

As of late we have encounter an influx of inquiries for private transactions due to clients breeching their confidential contractual agreements with our corporation. We have monitored several individuals on this site and have taken extra precaution due to their inability to follow rules and regulations. We wish you all the best in your future business transactions. They supposedly have directors all over the country but the end result is these guys are all phonies.

MST is a joke, they not only couldn't take Securities into Trade but when we brought them a large Cash investor they couldn't do that either and than tried to circumvent us to the investor once they recieved a "Cease and Desist". Are you affiliated with them? Are they for real? Anyone know who they are? Trying to raise capital for a distressed real estate venture. This is a great board… any chance we can do one about people that have closed a real transaction?

Hello, I received a call today from a gentleman who has posted on this site and knows one of our investors who we helped with non-loan project funding — and he asked if he could give out my name and and email to other interested investors he had met on this site.

However, after he directed me to this site, and I read the trials and tribulations that many investors have been through, I believe we can help SOME of the investors who have posted on this site. We are focused on directly helping "good investors with good projects" and we will not work with a string of brokers.

Our programs can assist investors by providing non-loan funding for their projects. If you have any questions, you may email me at my personal versus business email: I was instructed not to give her number out here. If you want to email me, I can share it with you. He was in the PPP prior to us becoming partners on another project. Hello Tom Mackenzie could you please tell me the best way to contact you directly Your e mail just returns and says contact a broker. All numbers are just answer machines I would like to identify myself to you and prevent concerns!

Thanks for your reply. I have tried to email you but it comes back undeliverable. Would you send me an email? Great to see this website and some of the names that come up not so clean here as in other sites, such as Phoenix lending, Angel and Tom McKenzie who I see is again preaching that his company funds projects- name them then please Tom and perhaps give a reason why you have been trading from four companies with different names all with blogs from disgruntled customers who have given your company money for due dilligence fees?

I persoannly know of three quality projects that you have not funded and given no reason , all with exceptional business plans and works class development teams. Very good website for sharing information amongst like minded people. There is a good lawyers website that is informative for all of you looking to enter this market either as principles or brokers.

If you google Robert Townsend he has a law practice in California and has written a book on high yeild investment scams and put some of the bad guys behind bars where they belong.

Good read along with the excellent content here for the good guys amongst us and should scare the life out of the wanna be bad boys. I think it is great to have a forum to exchange information but this is a blacklist- The point is not to find those who have problems and offer your solutions it is to prevent an individual or company from continuing unacceptable business practices.

Taking the time to post all of those who have made this industry criminal is the right reasons to post! Response to Lauren I disagree the very mode of operation of these people which then leave companies needing to start again breeds a requirement for others of a honest nature to help Yes it would be great to have a definative black list and and maybe an opposite list would be created by default.

If a broker is prepared to spend time as one of his clients has been lead to a scam it is better than abjecting his responsability However using a board like this allows people to make a judgment maybe then the Moderator can do a synopsis For example I have asked for somthing positive from Prospexx Integrated Capital and Barrett Capital Exchange a number of times and although the principal has previously posted on here had no response Should therefore they be put on a Blacklist.

Then if I was to make contact with someone that I closed a deal with on here would that be solicitation from them or just a solution to the problem that some people have created. Then the conclusion of this blog would become so powerful and meaningful in the real world. Would that be so wrong? So here we go is this the start of it Tom Mckenzie is principal of Prospexx Integrated Capital it says on the website http: Swissbank posts and eludes to the fact that this has happened before and gives tangible failures and another two companies that Tom Mckenzie has taken DD fees for and not produced.

I love to write in caps so people can see what I am writing clearly. For you I will write normally. I do not hate Mr. Robert Townsend at all. As I said previously, he told us straight to our face that this world does not exist and that we were chasing a huge pipe dream. So if I am chasing a pipe dream why did he try to sale us on a program at the end of the lunch? Also, something else he said that startled us, he said that these programs only accept non americans who understand this type of financing and who are more sophisticated….

Hey i am not on here to destroy people but when you have been scammed out of cash and have been in this industry for years you run into a lot of funny characters. I do not want anyone to lose their money or get caught up with the wrong individuals.

Please do not forget the Federal Goverment is deisgned to prevent and educate individuals on such skeptial investments. Thanks for that constructive comment Junior. Although I find it hard to take anyone seriously that does not know where his caps lock key is. Your point is what he should be on a blacklist? Or that you can attain a higher return My advice would to be spend it on typing lessons. Do you want to tell us the truth? Author is it now time to start the list as a simple link?

If they do not like being on the list find a mechanism to prove a closed deal and then it can go alongside the list. Or they can apply to be removed by giving certain facts like they have produced anything simple I think? I have a long list coming too. My name, email, and phone number are all over the internet for various reasons. Most of you are so on target knowing who is who- I promise you preformers are easy to pick too. Here are a few characteristics: You are forcing me to be more specific and write as quickly as I think as I do not want to be misunderstood.

Where someone lives, what they drive, and their ethnicity is unimportant as long as they deliver on their promises. I apologize if I offended anyone. Please know I hear stories all day, week, month and year. For this reason, I reach out to ask everyone to think about guarantees and safety methods to prevent the loss of money. Cohen is well publicised, so good some not. But most of the info you are posting is accurate. The sovereign and genesis programs are well publicised, I think mostly by people who know a little but not a lot.

The programs do exist, but entry into the Genesis is now at 1B minimum and I believe the book will be closed very shortly. Beware of Bishop, She is not who she say she is. I found her while looking up info on another scam artist. Bishop took our money promising to get us returns in one week. Long story short, she took our money and we never received a dime. The sad part is the money was going to purchase a new home for our church and she took it.

She cried victim and swore she was personally out of money. I do have good news she is finally under investigation and I for one will be glad when she is finally arrested.

People like her are heartless please stay away!!!! Yes Yedda We have done business with Prospexx. That would be Tom McKenzie or something like that. Tell him John Joseph of the Millidgeville project said hello.

Anyway, he has this great assitant and she is very nice and convinces you to wire that money. He will call you after flying in from Europe or somewhere and shoot you down and later tell you how you need to read the fine print. Stay away from this guy. Tom if you are reading this come see me personally or send my money back. You know where I am. By the way all the money you scammed will be gone by the end of the year and the rest of your life will be miserable. You will live to regret stealing from people.

I think your information is valuable to so many. Also- anyone been scammed on trying to monetize an instrument owned or leased- I would like to hear any stories. You have made some very serious accusations above and I want everyone here to see how someone posting in total anonymity can purposely attempt to harm someone by spreading lies.

So, you have now stated you have met me face to face and know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am a woman! So, now that I have showed everyone that you have lied, please tell us all WHY you would do something like this?????

I am a legitimate business owner that is seeking answers just like many of you! Read my post, I am not here soliciting. This site was intended to help people and you have now shown everyone here that this site might not be what it claims to be. It also throws more than a shadow of a doubt on others that may post here in anonymity like yourself to lie and bash others credibility for their own pleasure or benefit. After reading his post last night and seeing you are one of us who is willing to post your name and email address I was finding it hard to believe that both you and the person Lion was speaking about is one in the same.

You brought up a great point- there is a picture of you. It is not an unreasonable request or you can do discreetly from your mobile. For example if you google me- you will get a picture of a Black woman. A very nice lady who I have happened to do business with. I would say pictures online are part of our DNA- we should provide. In addition to being more than willing to submit a copy of my passport or license to those I conduct business with online, I also direct them to simple sights that are more of a personal type but will confirm my identity.

My Picture is on my company website for anyone to see and clearly I am not a woman. My address and phone numbers are right there on the web site also, so anyone with any doubts about me can get in their car and come visit me in Florida. Someone emailed me from this board and said that they were glad I set the record straight but felt I might have gone over board doing so. In this day,age and economic climate the most some of us have is our credibility and good name.

Thanks for your response, I have had others email me direct after seeing my website telling me they were glad I set the record straight. Your email is very close to the true culprit, Darlene Bishop. Stay away from her.

Also I need to know if any one else has given money to Cheryl Childress. Please contact John at As I think I am about to start posting my problem on the other high profile sites Rip Off Report e,t,c where he is already listed once. It seems he just does not fund? I have waited so long to hear anything to the contary I think it is time to get the facts above his website on google for all to see.

If anybody has information good or bad about Tom and Prospexx then please e-mail me at asutt aol. Very concerned about the situation so if you have projects that have not been funded with no good reason then please contact me and I will put you in contact with those in the UK who are concerened so that you can share contacts and experiences and suggested actions.

Perhaps Prospexx are a good company and Tom is just too busy to return calls, and follow up with project principles he has taken money from and ready to fund the hundreds of millions he says he has access to and fund. If so then we look forward to hearing from you and especially the project principles who are out there with their projects lives on the line and expectant on the promises of a commitment from prospexx.

One project was stated by Prospexx manage Scott as the best project business plan he had ever reviewed. So where is your money. I need personal contact please and not simply posting on this board. There is a list I posted earlier in this blog regarding individuals who were reported to having taken upfront funds or no performance as stated in contract, emails, and phone calls. However, I can not force anyone to return missing funds but I can guide you through steps to filing with the proper authorities.

Posts with contact info hold a lot more credibility. Most importantly prepare about 7 packages to include: NEXT- I do keep lists. If you are to reach out to me, I will pull any and all others who claim they have lost money and introduce the both of you by email.

I have been asked many times about Allan or Alan Shepherd. However, I do not have reports or proof of funds transferred to him as I do others. During a number of extensive telephone interviews with the Canadian, Barrie Wamboldt, it was hinted that it would be worthwhile to look into the activities of an Alan Shepherd and a firm of his called Puffin Investments. Puffin Investment Company Limited, a Bahamas company, was owned by Old Harrovian Alan Shepherd, who had connections to the British royal family resulting from generous donations he made to the Royal Windsor Horse Show, of which he was vice president.

According to the Sunday Express newspaper, reporting on the court case, up-front fees paid by investors on the promise of massive returns were not repaid. From the documents I have received his name is clearly spelled Allan W. Shepard of Helena, Montana. Shepard has lived in CA and Nevada but now resides is Montana. His company is called Private Capital Holdings.

No money goes through him at all. There are no charges or fees required to go through the qualification process. You will not be asked for any upfront fees or charges until your application has been approved. You may then be asked for Proof for Funds depending on the type of Funding Offer which has been agreed. The actual finance methodology changes from finance group to finance group. Please post if your interested.

His company, Prospexx and Barrett Capital go out and find other brokerage firms to send them projects. One being Lauton Funding in New York.

His website has no address and no telephone number with an answering machine. How professional and appropriate is that? But those that need funding are gullible and buy into the hope that Tom Mckenzie will do what he says until he strings the client along to only tell him that there was a problem they found with the deal and does not have any interested investors. This of course is after Mr. McKenzie receives the clients fees and also after the client has already spent additional fees to get a meaningless LOI outline of Mr.

Lauton Funding had a post I saw that claims there is a smear campaign against them. I have contacted the legal authorities and I want something to be done about Tom McKenzie. In time, it will be I am certain. Hello- I am seeking the following information has anyone closed with Sovereign Securities Limited good or bad and I am seeking a legit platform for ppp please reply off board and thank you for your time. Yes John I have reached the same conclusion. When he asked you to contact him directly to ask what will make you happy was there any correspondence?.

The real pain this man causes is the time scales he works too a simple scam might take the money after a short time but he is much much worse the damage he causes by dragging things out to perpetuate the further collection of fees is immense. Of course in these difficult times people and business cling on to a glimmer of hope and that is what he prays on. On a moral level it is obscene and how he lives with himself giving false hope for such protracted periods of time is difficult to comprehend.

As his web site says if they can not fund after 45 days it goes to the world famous funding board and if they cannot fund shame on them.

So why do I hear of 6months 9months and 12 months of purgatory. The only conclusion is he can not fund and it is a simple scam that is even more painful than most. Anyone knows the loss of fees is bad enough but he also causes the loss of time with his lies. Come on Mr Mckenzie have the moral fortitude to defend yourself.

The questions the guy asks without being specific are simple ridiculous questions. Then this Quance and Tom McKenzie use the report as a tool to protect themselves legally why they are not funding. They have never once produce their list of 23 lenders you know why? They really may know 23 brokers but not lenders. From what I read from others, they were put through the same nonsense and have lost their money.

McKenzie has a personal website in Canada with his photo and introduces himself as an entrepreneur that has motorcycles and cars.

Wonder where he got the money to buy all of those? This email is strictly for individuals interested in the details stated above. After individuals move forward I would like you to post your reviews for other members. So, everyone will know that what I offer is performing. If not, I would gladly be willing to send an email through you. Two of the contacts mentioned all monies are to go through an attorney intials D.

I will disclose or confirm off board. I have received a statement issued by this attorney saying.. Therefore I would heavily advise an intense DD on where the money goes so it does not go abracadabra. His reputation for debunking the business belies his altruistic ulterior motive actions. Hey, for some, the temptation is too great. At all stages of this business. How and who do you contact that IS in fact the real deal with P. I and my partners are about to endure a journey with a trade group.

However WE are novices to this area and scope of expertise. As most people on this blog would agree, leasing bank instruments is not the way to go.

You will waste a few hundred thousand dollars, and be stuck in legal battles for years. If you are interested in private placement programs, feel free to give us a call or network with other members. We have worked with 2 different programs which HAVE performed, and only involve ourselves with those traders. Thank you for your support to our blog, and please visit our discussion forum when you have some time. Shirlee is the most abusive woman i have encountered. Ali R Ahmad thinks that he is the trader himself!!!

Read the blogs carefully on this character. Real sources don't compromise such valuable contacts so easily. Beware of individuals that 'vouch' for certain characters on this blog. Any legitimate entity plugged into this arena would prefer to remain anonymous, thank you. Having your name pasted on public blog forums, even for 'positive reference' reasons is not something any respectable player in this business would invite.

Those of us who have worked for decades to gain access to the quiet world of PPP opportunities wince at the idea of public accolades. When I started out in this business, there was no internet, thus no blog forums to reference for help getting 'plugged into' real entities that operate in this arena. I came up the hard and expensive way. Endless travel, meetings, phone calls not to mention horrendous phone bills — they didn't have 'unlimited domestic calling plans' then.

Through this forum, it is possible to get 'plugged in' if you're genuine and have a brain. I can spot a lot of joke-sters already on this forum. It just goes with the territory of pursuing this nutty business of PPP. There's so much to know and absorb — and so much misinformation out there — a lot of it put out by the government to dissuade you.

But that's another book in itself. Thank you Inside Trade author for the words of wisdom. Listen my fellow business men and woman, this site will save you A LOT of money, stress and headaches if you simply take the time to read and Network with all. However these people are soo convincing that you almost feel like if you do NOT get in on it you are losing.

I and we are Real Estate Investors who new nothing about trades or the process. This group changed every programs week and to this date we have yet to see a contract. Granted we need the funds to buy Real Estate and to assist our fellow Investors and the American public that is set back by the current economic strain.

During this month long pyramid the chain of group started to drop off by exposure of our leased funds being wired immediately or we would NOT make the trade. C "Atlanta Ga" for fraud attempt. I thought to myself "didn't YOU bring us this group initially to trust" now all of a sudden they are charlatans.

The Investor leasing the funds was exposed to use by this email in which put us direct to the actual leased funds to trade. My partner submitted the contact to the group in trust mind you so we can be off to the races…right? The Investor is Warren Rosenfeld out of Texas for leased funds.

Now mind you my affiliates this is ALL private and confidential….. None the less when I tried to fly to meet this trader "Allan W. Shepard of Private Capital Holdings L. He "Allan" could NOT meet me due to other obligations and has yet to return my calls or emails for weeks now. You would think that he would be ready to meet with me and my firm.

I will say this readers, I do feel that she is blinded by this scheme as she truly believes in Allan and the cause. Or refuses to share with her clients who trust her. Poor lost soul…just too high strung. I am NOT on this site by the influence of any entity or attempting to destroy or burden anyone's life or profession.

However if you are who say you are and produce as such than great and I applaud you. Now please contact me so that I may be apart of the success story. Post your email and I will see the post followed by contacting you. Thank you for your great comments about our firm. As always, we are here for our readers and take pleasure in assisting them to meet their goals.

Have a great end to your day! Has anyone ever closed one of these transactions ,if yes what was the key? They strung along my mother for 4 months week by week saying she passed compliance and would be getting paid every friday for 16 weeks.

After the first 2 weeks we knew they were liars but each week they kept calling updating us with their BS lies. One week — New regulations were passed, next week — Banks had to verify her paperwork again, next week — on and on same ole lies… for 16 weeks until we just laughed and told them we knew they were crooks and had filed with the Atty Gen.

They are always screaming how much they are christians and love god and all the religious bs. Stay away from these guys. The Great thing about this blog site is we can finally start to see the names of the many scammers that exist in this industry.

The flip side to this is many of us are hesitant to post what we are capable of for fear of appearing to be exactly what is being reported here. Like many of you I have chased these elusive trades for quite some time.

I am now 0 for 14 and growing on these platforms. I decided over two years ago to purchase a bond and go at this direct.

No Intermediaries, no middle people, nothing to hide. If you want my paperwork, well here it is! My theory was, by being the principle with enough of these people looking someone would eventually bring me to the right spot. Boy was I wrong! The frustrating thing is, I know this exists and is possible. I have found a CASH platform that actually performs, is very transparent, and will gladly prove performance. You can fly straight to their law firm, meet with them, meet their traders and see their platform perform.

We are residential and Commercial lenders so times have been very trying for us. Lending has virtually dried up in our industry. Thank God I purchased the bond when I did at the distressed price because at least the bond has a good cash flow which has kept us afloat. It sounds like your company and my company has some things in common in regards to Real Estate and proximity so I would like to speak with you. When a principle enters into Chapter 11 we try to work with them right through Chapter 7 to bring qualified investors in to purchase the projects.

We were hoping to raise the capital through trading to take advantage of some of these opportunities as well as help individuals to stay in their homes. I would like to speak with you about your commercial real estate business and the exits you refer too. Guys my heart goes out to you. I suggest you do what I did. Also, I wanted to say thank you to InsideTradeLLC for creating a forum in which we can share experiences that will hopefully prevent us from all making the same mistakes and ideas that will allow us all to move forward and work with honest and reliable people.

Here is my contribution…I cut and pasted every name and company listed on the blog. The list is not mine. The following are simply collected names and companies mentioned on the blog. He used to work with the trader in the insurance industry and they have been friends for years. This being said I still want to use escrow or leave the money in my account which the trader is ok with. My question is can I use a Proof of Funds account for a platform?

If I use escrow how should it be set up so that the money is safe? Barrett Capital Exchange seem to be connected to Prospexx Integrated Capital has anybody closed any deals with them? There just seems to be a wall of silence or are they both just fee collectors? She has closed a deal for one I have known for years. You have to come correct to her group. No Lease or Rented funds. There are only a few out there really making things happen. I cannot endorse this company anymore but they are legit.

Peace to you guys. Junior from the We were introduced to a Virgil Hentz. Would appreciate any and all information and experiences, pro and con, about and with Virgil Hentz.

Yesterday afternoon I received confirmation that I passed compliance with the Judge and just made my travel arrangements to meet at his law firm on Monday to discuss his trade program and my contract. Thanks for the Judges website, I did my due dilligence and you were right I was very impressed. After quite a while looking I am very encouraged here and if nothing else the Judges transparency has been refreshing.

I want to commend the creators of this site because I have looked for over a year for a viable place to place my funds and only by chance did I stumble across this site that has now hopefully led me to exactly what I have been looking for. Conflicting information about Melisa Shapiro. Junior says she is good but Colorado Carl says she is not. I can not request on board. Please contact me or forward website information to:.

We stumbled upon this site earlier today and we wanted to chime in on this particular subject. I have done business with one of the companies on here. We are Very Surprised to see them on here due to their strict policies. Private Group Capital is totally legitimate. Currently we are moving forward in a major project overseas and they will assist us in our endeavors. They assisted us in offshore banking as well and made our lives a lot easier. Administrative Hold structures allow the bank to continue utilizing those funds.

Blocking funds are designed to counter that structure so the trader can garner a credit line against the underlying capital. If those funds can be used for other financial activities while in trade,no bank or other entity will extend the credit line. The credit line is the key to protecting the principal, thus not putting the funds at risk. Those funds cease being an asset of the bank. They want to continue utilizing those funds. There lies the rub. It would be a helluva lot easier to pitch clients using the Adm Hold structure versus the dreaded Block albatross.

My collegues and I would would work it in a New York minute. Blocking funds is a real pain in the behind.

And they will do their utmost to hassle and dissuade clients from participating in what is the greatest business in the world. If you know how to play the game, that is.

And they waste their time year in,year out — chasing rainbows with no pot of gold at the end. Bankers know when their dealing with amateur clients seeking access to this arena. Let the pros handle it. The Fed makes the rules in this business. They decide what will and will not be allowed. And they rule with an iron fist. Nothing gets past them. Think about it,would they make the Administrative Hold option available to one group and not to the other licensed trade groups they control?

That one group would ride herd over the others and steal away all the business. The business of bank trading among a handful of exclusively licensed and regulated trade groups is a very small club.

When one sneezes — they all catch a cold. Then the reality of losing the client AND your reputation, quickly follows. Been there done that. They deserve no less.

I wish you all the best. I have forwarded your message along to the appropriate source, you should be contacted via email shortly. Was steckt dahinter und ist das ein technischer Ausbruch? Der Goldpreis hat am Freitag die wichtige Marke von verteidigen können. Schaffen die Bullen jetzt die Fortsetzung? Der Bitcoin-Preis kann weiterhin die 6K Marke verteidigen.

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Damit kommt der Kurs scharf auf das Dach der Flagge zurück. Ist damit der Ausbruch gescheitert oder gab es ggf. Der Dax schafft es per Wochenschluss oberhalb der Dennoch ist viel Widerstand auf dem Weg. Die Aktie von Delivery Hero ist seit gestern deutlich unter Druck geraten. Wie schauen aus fundamentaler und charttechnischer Sicht, was die Gründe sein könnten. Die Dax Bullen schaffen es die Ist das jetzt schon der Beweis für eine bevorstehende Rallye?

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