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What a remarkable approach to trading. Mar 22, , 8: Forex Trading Made E-Z has helped me a lot in learning so much about this wonderful earning opportunity.

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It's an ebook, and now am making my living from this procedure. I can only thank George C. Smith for making it. You'll be glad you did. Mar 21, , 7: Few people are willing to do what most are unwilling to do. Those who succeed, are the ones willing to go beyond their comfort zones and challenge their beliefs. They are the ones prepared to understand themselves, their conditioning and their psychology. Mar 22, , 1: Originally Posted by bfirth.

Mar 22, , 3: Originally Posted by maddman Mar 22, , 8: Smith teaches will prove itself to be a winner. There may be other systems out there but, for me this one works I'm done with EA's. I'd rather me in charge of my own destiny. Last edited by Gilbey; Mar 22, at Mar 23, , 9: Originally Posted by Gilbey.

Your right George actually gave me his ebook for free after pointing something out to him about the condensed version that you can download for free from his site. If i had to pay for it then it would have been money well spent. Apr 3, , 8: Has it worked for you both for some time?

Apr 5, , 1: Smith using his trading system. You'll be able to watch him and see exactly how it's done. Once you get a bit more comfortable in the Forex trading market, you'll be able to set up several automated systems simultaneously and this way you can start making even more money - as much as several hundred dollars a day! Even if you are a beginner, you'll be successfully trading on Forex in no time!

Forex Trading Made E-Z has helped me a lot in learning so much about this wonderful earning opportunity. I have found other ways to make money before, such as affiliate marketing and even roulette. The former is too slow while the latter is a total scam. Having watched your recent trades I can honestly say this is a particularly thorough method with a high degree of technical expertise built in.

Although sophisticated, it is very easy to apply promising and accurate target and stop loss results. The price is also very reasonable considering the work which has been put in, as it includes programs for data analysis. Once I started reading your report I couldn't put it down. I'm an experienced investor but I learned things about money management I had never read or even thought about.

What a remarkable approach to trading the Forex markets. If this wasn't enough, your excellent customer support with any question a trader might have is second to none.