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Forex on Five Hours a Week: How to Make Money Trading on Your Own Time [Raghee Horner, Jeffrey Alan Brandzel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A top forex trader reveals how to ease into this market andexcel Trading the forex market has become one of the most popularforms of trading/5(11).

But what if you have aday job and only a little time to dedicate to the market? Thus, data download can easily take up the entire day or even several days.

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Mar 02,  · Hello, Forex Capital Investing is a leading live forex signals provider, monitoring the market and seeking potential swing trade setups. We monitor trades and then provide exclusive educational and informative Forex signals to our worldwide subscriber base via SMS (WhatsApp) and email on a daily basis.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. In my opinion, this is unacceptable for the price I paid. Also, the content has a discussion or conversation feel to it, which makes it good to read but bad to learn, because there are little conclusions or defined guidelines to follow.

In order to be fair with my evaluation, I will say that the ideas around stop loss, trailing stop, market memory and time frames are useful but they do not make up for the purchase I made. One person found this helpful. Five Hours a day, maybe. Bottom line is that we have to trade Set-Ups, with the trend and whenever they occur.

They don't always happen at the most "opportune" times. The book, however, is fun to read. It has a great deal of information and links that will be helpful for all skill levels. This is a great book on FX and by extension to othter markets as well. She provides what you need to know in a detailed and easily absorbable way so that you can put it into practice. By using a free demo account you can trade and test any item which the author goes over so that you also can clear up any confusion that you may have before risking real money from your account.

Just because you do this does not mean that you will not have loosing trades but that instead of being overwhelmed by the amount of data comming at you you will be prepared by knowing that you have to manage your emotions as well as the trade. The author goes over these topics in good detail but the time you spend in demo trade mode - which she stongly emphasises many times - will be invaluable when doing live trading. She also goes over how to set up your charts with the appropriate amount of data, what kinds of indicators she uses and how.

She covers the psychology of trading, trading the news, risk and trade management all delivered with wit and her personal experience so that you end up knowing to some degree why you are doing what you do instead of flying blind. Your personal trading experience will over time clear up any lingering confusion.

The trick is, as the author explains, is to keep your self in the game without blowing out your account do to inexperience or wildly fluctating emotions when you are in a trade. The author also recommends the web site [ She also writes a blog and shares her trade ideas at that site. All in all a great read from many perspectives. This book was very informative for a new Forex trader. What inspired me most about the book was actually all of the resources in the back of the book. The one most single important piece that I got out of this book was the timing of the market and how the time zones overlap each other and when is the best time to trade the market.

Everyone has their best trading practice and Raghee has perfected hers. This is a quality book and would recommend it. Especially to a new forex trader. Like all of Raghee Horner books, this one will not provide you with any real meat. Her "system" is a simplistic moving average that she renames with exotic names to give it some mystical aura and flavor. At the end of the book you are, as always, left wondering what to do next. I give it 2 stars only because she repeats - over and over - that we must follow the trend, but again don't expect to find a clear cut system that you can backtest at home.

Wiley Finance publishes a huge number of trading books each year. Each cost dollars and is printed on yellowish very cheap paper. If the book is helpful for your trading I don't mind too much - even though I also want my books to be nice looking. The real bummer is when the book is just full of useless, repackaged material.

This is one of those books that you can avoid. It is meant for beginners and cover a bit of everything when it comes to forex trading. A beginner would gain some knowledge, but the book reads like a get-rich-quick book. Forex trading is not that easy. I should state that I didn't buy this book, but I did spend a lot of time in my local bookstore browsing new trading books today. I have written several reviews on trading books.

Check out my lists for good and bad books. One recommendation for beginners: Currency Trading For Dummies. I've always thought that Raghee Horner was a good trader; not brilliant by any standard, but good.

So when I saw this book, I thought it may contain so valuable ideas and concepts. Raghee talks alot about herself. This book could have been narrowed down to a 12 page PDF file Vs.

I would sell it in a heartbeat if I didn't feel so guilty for passing on this terrible writing. The book is cheaply made with fuzzy charts and graphs. If she was trying to set a theme by talking so much about herself and her lifestyle, then she failed. I'm sorry, I can't recommend this book to anyone unless you know absolutely nothing about currency trading.

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