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So kann zum Beispiel der zweite Teil 14b der piezoelektrischen Elemente 14 in die Z-Richtung, und der dritte Teil 14c der piezoelektrischen Elemente 14 in die Tangentialrichtung jeweils seine Wirkungsebene mit einer entsprechenden Scherung besitzen.

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User names, encrypted passwords and Access Control rules are stored in the users. This file extension is forbidden! To upload a new type of file, specify it within the mime.

Some automatic replacements are done when you edit your pages. Some generate tooltips, smileys or some special chars. This behavior is controlled by the acronyms. All configuration files are to be found in the. If local files are supported you should use them instead of modifying the main files to avoid upgrade troubles. Installed plugins are enabled by default. They could be disabled using the Extension Manager which writes to the plugins.

By using a preload. Most of DokuWiki 's features can be configured through various config options. The easiest way to modify these options is using the Configuration Manager. The available settings are listed below.

The config manager will use this file as well. Some notes about the config file. Selection of compression level:. For maximum transfer rate with minimum compression. This compression option is most compatible with hardware compression. The higher the compression rate, the higher the CPU load, which means that the backup job is performed much more slowly. If compression is required, we recommend increasing the compression rate gradually, so as to test the progress starting with a low compression rate.

This option allows you to split the data into two sections of equal size that are then processed simultaneously. Backup data is split. This option is used to encrypt the data to be backed up. For encryption, you must store a key on the client. In order to use encryption a key must be defined on the backup client. Data is not encrypted. Add system state VSS This option allows you to add a system state backup of the Windows system to the backup.