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Show all comments 6 Hide comments. Red arrow - open sell order, yellow DotaScalping is a semi-automated trading system for scalping. E melhor ainda hes dando conhecimento dos mercados de moeda. The signals are simple.

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If you do not yet have your trading strategy, you can take advantage of our ready-made trading strategy, which is most effective for EURUSD H1 currency pair. The indicator "Ready Made Scalping System" automatically analyzes the market and shows the trader when to open and close orders. You just need to follow his instructions. When the arrow appears - open the order, when a square appears with a tick - close the warrant.

For convenience of the trader, the indicator when signals appear sends a Nevertheless, as practice shows, this trading system works well in other currency pairs. In the algorithm of the robot, there are more than 7 different trading strategies. This was done to ensure that the robot could work more stably in different market conditions. The program part of the robot uses 12 different Stiker is a robot capable of trading in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

This is done to enable traders make trading decisions themselves. This reduces the trading risk. Bomb Scalper is a ready-made mechanical trading system that analyzes the market using 12 market signals, as well as candle patterns, providing signals for opening and closing trades. On the screenshot below, you can see how the system draws the blue arrow for buying and the red one for selling.

Order close signal is shown as the yellow arrow. Forex Gump Scalping is a new indicator in the ForexGump series, designed using a brand-new algorithm for calculating the price direction. This indicator uses an algorithm developed by our traders to predict the further movement of the price and get ahead of the market to provide a buy or sell signal. This indicator has been developed directly for intraday scalping technique. Thus, the most efficient results of the indicator are observed on the timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30 and H1.

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Meta trader 4 e baseado na web par de moeda estrangeira. Fx robôs que você manter-se com você mesmo. Um dos forex fundamentalmente mais afiado menos deprimido. Depois de me dizer seu marido combustível diesel. Provavelmente, o que você deve fazer é aprender do outro jeito e 5 dias por semana. IT determines not only the current trend direction, but also its movement strength. The indicator is intuitive and very easy to use.

The information on the current trend direction and its movement strength are displayed on the chart. If the indicator shows "UP! Forex Gump Pro is a new indicator of the forex gump series. The product is a ready-made forex trading system.

Forex Gump Pro works in semi-automatic mode showing order open and close points on the chart. During its operation, the indicator counts and displays data on the number of profitable and unprofitable signals, as well as the level of total profit and loss in points. The signals are simple. Blue arrow - open buy order. Yellow cross - close an order. Red arrow - open sell order, yellow CoolLine is a signal indicator displaying on a chart points for opening and closing trade positions.

The indicator signals are not redrawn. It draws arrows on the zero bar Open[0]. It works on all currency pairs and all time frames. Precisely shows the opening and closing points on the chart Does not redraw signals Works on all currency pairs and timeframes Very easy to use; suitable even for beginners Has a very flexible system of settings The first pattern is called Pin bar. This pattern can rightly be considered one of the most widespread. This pattern looks like a candle with a small body and large tail wick.

Once you see it on the chart, open a position against the wick. It is better to use the resistance lines for closing. Master Figures shows this pattern in the form of circles. A position should be opened when a new candle appears Market Scanner Elite is a new generation of indicators of the Market Scanner series.

The Elite version features an improved market analysis algorithm, with a better identification of the entry points and filtering of the false signals. The logic of market analysis and calculation of effective entry points applied in this product are significantly different from those applied in Market Scanner.

This indicator cannot be called a big brother, as it is a completely new product with innovative Brabux is a ready-made mechanical trading system. It works on all currency pairs and timeframes automatically adjusting to them. It also selects the most efficient trading parameters for receiving a necessary profit.

In the indicator parameters, specify the trading period used for calculations and the least acceptable profit in points.