Enterprise approaches the thermobaric clouds at the Expanse perimeter The Delphic Expanse was an area of space approximately fifty light years away from Earth.

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The Expanse was riddled with a web of dangerous spatial anomalies and was surrounded by a dense layer of thermobaric clouds , which made navigation extremely hazardous for starships. In some regions of the Expanse, the laws of physics did not function. Artificially created by transdimensional beings using a vast number of massive spheres , the Delphic Expanse ceased to exist in , when the Earth starship Enterprise NX destroyed them. In , a Klingon starship attempted to enter the Delphic Expanse.

When it reemerged, the entire crew was anatomically inverted but still alive. After this incident the Klingons would not enter the Expanse.

Vulcan ships had also entered the Expanse, but only a few had ever returned. In December of , the Vulcan ship Seleya embarked on a mission to chart the thermobaric clouds surrounding the Expanse. After several days the ship's crew reported that the Seleya was caught in a subspace eddy and being pulled into the Expanse and contact was lost.

The crew of the Vulcan ship Vaankara , sent to search for the lost Seleya , went insane, killing each other and self-destructing the ship after only two days inside the Expanse. After this the Vulcans considered any expedition into the Expanse to be a foolishly risky action.

The Enterprise later found the Seleya adrift, with its crew gone insane due to trellium-D exposure. When Earth suffered a devastating attack which resulted in the deaths of seven million people in March of , Captain Jonathan Archer received intelligence from the Suliban Cabal 's mysterious benefactor that the attack had been launched by the Xindi , a race native to the Expanse.

With this information, the Enterprise embarked on a mission into the Expanse to find the Xindi, in an attempt to prevent another attack which would destroy Earth. While in the Expanse, Enterprise encountered the Triannons , a native species which regarded the Expanse as the "Chosen Realm," an area that had been created by supernatural beings they referred to as "the Makers," in preparation for their eventual return.

As they spent more time in the Expanse, the Enterprise crew discovered that the Triannon myth was based in fact, and that the Expanse had been created by a race of transdimensional beings who were attempting to reconfigure space to make it habitable for their species as a prelude to invasion. The crew discovered that this race had constructed a series of massive spheres , each one of which emitted powerful waves of gravimetric energy, which were responsible for the spatial anomalies.