Differences Between IRA & Non-IRA Accounts

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You can choose two types of individual retirement accounts: However, an account that's not an IRA allows you more flexibility with your money, both in how you invest it and in your ability to withdraw the funds. This allows your investment to grow without paying income taxes on the gains. With a Roth IRA, the growth is completely tax-free, as you will never pay taxes on the money when you withdraw it. With a traditional IRA, you will pay tax at your normal income rates when you eventually take disbursements from the account, but you can still take advantage of the tax-free growth for many years.

With a non-IRA account, you must report the income on your tax return and pay taxes each year on your earnings. Although a Roth IRA does not offer any tax deduction for your contributions, a traditional IRA allows qualifying taxpayers to take a deduction for their contributions.

In addition, saving in an IRA might earn you a tax credit, particularly if you are a lower-income taxpayer. A non-IRA account offers no tax deductions or credits. An IRA is intended for long-term savings toward retirement. With a Roth IRA, you can withdraw your contributions at any time without taxes or penalties, but you lose the benefits of tax-free compounding of that money if you withdraw it for an emergency.

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